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Prof. Kennedy looking for legal history research/editorial assistant

I am deep into a book that addresses the question: How did protests against perceived racial injustices in the mid twentieth century change American law? This book, in other words, will be a legal history of the Second Reconstruction. I am looking for research and editorial assistance. Here is what I have in mind. For starters. I give you the introduction to the book (about 35pages) and the first chapter (about 150 pages) . You look them over with laserlike intensity, being attentive to word usage, organization, what needs more specificity, what needs more examples, what needs to be reduced, what latent ideas need to be clarified and brought to the fore etc., etc., etc., etc. etc. In other words, I would want you to be a hyper alert, super reader. You would mark up the pages freely and get them back to me after several weeks.

If you would like to apply for this position shoot me an email with your resume. I am especially interested in folks with strong knowledge of post World War II American history, especially the history of the civil rights movement, and familiarity with anti-discrimination efforts by Latino Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans. I will also be especially attentive to those who have written books or dissertations or worked in long-form journalism.

Randall Kennedy

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