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Deadline: Rolling  (but no later than a month before the final bar deadline for the jurisdiction where you seek to work).

Eligibility: 3Ls only

Number of fellowships awarded: varies

This fellowship was designed to enable HLS students to go to places of great need. Since the regular PSVF Organization-Based Fellowship selection process comes relatively late in the year, students aiming for underserved areas may face a final bar deadline before they would know if they’d been selected for a PSVF Org-Based Fellowship, and might therefore be precluded from making such a choice.

To be eligible for EDFUJ, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your host organization must be in a jurisdiction that is underserved by students from schools such as HLS. This means it is highly unlikely that we would consider an application to go to NY State, DC, Connecticut, MA, Illinois, or the West Coast. Even in some states that might be underserved, there are cities that might not qualify – for example, New Orleans would not be considered an underserved city. If you want to know whether your host organization is in an underserved area, run it by Alexa Shabecoff.
  • The host organization must be in a state whose final bar deadline is before May 1 (the approximate date when we will make regular PSVF Org-Based Fellowship awards). If you can pay a late fee and register for the bar after the May 1 deadline, that jurisdiction is not eligible.
  • As with all PSVF host organizations, your host organization must not be hiring, or anticipate hiring, for fall of the year of application. If a host organization gets funding for a position after we award, we expect it to hire our candidate on its own funding so that HLS’s funding can revert to the PSVF pool. If the organization doesn’t do so, it will be barred from sponsoring fellowship applicants for at least two years.

If you wish to apply for an EDFUJ Fellowship, you can apply at any time during the year, but it must be at least one month before the bar deadline to give OPIA time to convene an ad hoc selection committee. All candidates must submit the written PSVF Org-Based Fellowship application and email a brief statement explaining why the jurisdiction in which you seek to work is underserved to Each candidate will be interviewed by HLS faculty and/or staff.

The bar for an EDFUJ applicant is higher than for a regular PSVF Org-Based Fellowship applicant because we are being asked to award a PSVF fellowship without being able to compare the EDFUJ applicant to the rest of the applicant pool. The EDFUJ applicant, therefore, must be highly enough qualified that we feel confident we would have awarded them a fellowship had they applied on the regular PSVF Org-Based Fellowship timeline.

Recipients of the EDFUJ fellowship will receive a $45,000 stipend and are required to obtain health insurance.

Complete the PSVF Org-Based Fellowship application and email a brief statement explaining why the jurisdiction in which you seek to work is underserved to to apply.

Questions about how this program is administered can be directed to Alexa Shabecoff. Make an appointment with Judy Murciano for assistance with application preparation.