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Deadline: Rolling depending on early host organization deadlines and/or no later than a month before the final bar deadline for the jurisdiction where you seek to work, whichever comes first.

Eligibility: 3Ls only

Number of fellowships awarded: varies

Since the regular PSVF Organization-Based Fellowship selection process comes relatively late in the year, students may face host organization deadlines or a final bar deadline before they would know if they’d been selected for a PSVF Org-Based Fellowship, and might therefore be precluded from making such a choice.

To be eligible for EDF, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an HLS 3Ls or judicial law clerks who have had no intervening work experience
  • Obtain a host organization that promises them permanent employment at the end of the fellowship year and who offer training to their fellows. Early Decision Fellowships, like all PSVF Organization-Based Fellowships, may be with either nonprofits or government agencies. Host organizations for Early Decision Fellowships are subject to the same Host Organization Guidelines as all other PSVF hosts.Gideon’s Promise Law School Partnership Project partner offices are eligible host organizations UNLESS they have their own paid entry-level position. Deadlines to apply for Gideon’s Promise are typically early fall.
  • Be pursuing positions in states whose final bar deadline is before the early-May award date of the “regular” Public Service Venture Fund Organization-Based Fellowships or if there is another early deadline such that a May decision is too late (e.g., Gideon’s Promise makes their matches in January). 

If you wish to apply for an EDF, you can apply at any time during the year, but it must be at least one month before the bar deadline to give OPIA time to convene an ad hoc selection committee. All candidates must notify Tasha Griffiths of their intent to apply and submit the written PSVF Org-Based Fellowship application. Each candidate will be interviewed by HLS faculty and/or staff.

The bar for an EDF applicant is higher than for a regular PSVF Org-Based Fellowship applicant because the committee is being asked to award a PSVF Org-Based Fellowship without being able to compare the EDF applicant to the rest of the applicant pool. The EDF applicant, therefore, must be highly enough qualified that the committee feels confident they would have awarded them a fellowship had they applied on the regular PSVF Org-Based Fellowship timeline.

Recipients of the EDF will receive a $45,000 stipend and are required to obtain health insurance.

Questions about how this program is administered can be directed to Tasha Griffiths. Make an appointment with Judy Murciano for assistance with application preparation.