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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on October 7th. Changes included:


Student Late and Missing Status Labels

The submission details page and student Grades page do not display labels for missing or late submissions. This change reverts the labels for students introduced in the Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-08-05) and helps minimize confusion for students when their instructors create online assignments that can be submitted online or on paper in class. Canvas always marks online assignments as missing when no submission is made.

student details

For instructors, SpeedGrader has not been affected and continues to display missing and late labels for online assignments. If an assignment has not been submitted by the due date, the assignment is identified as missing. If the assignment is submitted after the due date, the assignment is identified as late.

Icon Updates

Publish & Unpublish Icons

The Publish and Unpublish icons in Canvas have been updated in the Instructure icon library. Based on additional user testing of icons, weights, and styles, these icon changes enhance visibility and status clarity.

new publish icon

DocViewer Delete Icon

In DocViewer, when a user creates an annotation, the Delete icon displays above the annotation. Previously the icon displayed below the annotation, which obscured the annotation content. This change is currently available in the beta and production environments for all users.

docviewer updates

Bug Fixes

  • Discussions – Availability Dates: Availability dates in a course discussion are not retained if a discussion is changed to a graded discussion with no availability dates. Explanation: When an ungraded discussion with availability dates was changed to a graded discussion without availability dates, the availability dates were retained in the discussion. Canvas code has been updated to clear availability dates from discussions when changed to a graded discussion type.
  • Likes and Discussions Edits: Discussion topic posted dates and times cannot be changed if a discussion is liked or disliked. Explanation: When a discussion that had previously been edited was liked or disliked, the posted discussion date and time was updated to reflect the date and time the post was liked or disliked. Canvas code has been updated to disassociate discussion likes with the discussion date and time stamp.
  • DocViewer – External Links: External links in a DocViewer preview document load in a new browser tab. Explanation: When an external link was added to a document previewed with DocViewer, the external link loaded in the iFrame instead of a new tab. This behavior affected document previews and the auto-open inline preview option in the Rich Content Editor. Canvas code has been updated to preview external links in a new browser tab.
  • DocViewer – Microsoft Fonts: Microsoft-owned fonts in SpeedGrader documents render correctly. Explanation: When users uploaded an assignment submission that included a Microsoft-owned font, the font in the document was not rendered correctly in SpeedGrader. Canvas code has been updated to render Microsoft-owned fonts in SpeedGrader documents.
  • Notifications – Discussions and Instructor Role: Instructors receive notifications about newly published discussions in a course when the notification preference is set to right away. Explanation: When instructors set their notification preferences to receive discussions right away, and discussion was created in a course, the instructor would not receive a notification. This behavior did not affect graded discussions. Canvas code has been updated to send notifications about newly published discussions to instructors.
  • Pages – Group Page Duplication: Pages cannot be duplicated within a group. Explanation: When a user tried to duplicate a page within a group, the page displayed an error message. Canvas code has been updated to remove the Duplicate option from group pages.
  • Rich Content Editor – Custom iFrame Content and URL Links: Adding a URL link to a page does not affect embedded iFrame content. Explanation: When a page included a custom iFrame content embedded in a page, and the page was edited to include a link using the Rich Content Editor Link to URL option, the iFrame was resized to a width of 300 pixels. Canvas code has been updated to improve iFrame styles and retain custom height and width size attributes.
  • Rich Content Editor – HTML Editor View: HTML content is not visible while the Rich Content Editor view is loading in a browser window. Explanation: When HTML content was added to a discussion, page, or quiz using the HTML Editor, the HTML editor content was visible in the page while the Rich Content Editor was being loaded in the browser window. Canvas code has been updated to hide content in the HTML Editor while the Rich Content Editor view is being loaded in the browser.