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From: The Office of Career Services
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2020
To: Employers
Subject: January 2021 EIP update from Harvard Law School

Dear Employer:

We hope that you and your colleagues are holding up well during these challenging times. Thank you to all that have taken the time to speak with us during the past few months as we gathered input to help us think through the difficult questions arising from the pandemic and how to structure our recruitment program, EIP, this season. We are heartened by how you have dealt with these unprecedented challenges and how you have communicated with and shown genuine concern for our students. We write now to inform you of our plans for January 2021 EIP and alert you to our recruiting policies this coming season.

  • EIP will take place over four days, from Tuesday, January 12 to Friday, January 15;
  • All EIP interviews will be conducted remotely; and
  • We strongly recommend that all callbacks be conducted remotely.

The policy changes we made in consultation with employers in December 2019, reducing the offer period and number of offers a student can hold open, will remain in place. To ensure a recruitment process that is fair, equitable, and transparent for all participants, employers may not interview HLS students prior to EIP or through any pre-EIP job fairs. Also, please note that if you are extending 2L summer offers to any 1L summer associates, those offers should be held open for 14 or 21 days after EIP, depending on the size of your program. Our policies can be found here.

To facilitate an efficient recruitment process and provide a better interview experience, you will receive fall 2020 grades from students during their EIP interviews. The spring term begins on January 25 and provides you with a week to schedule callbacks for our students before their classes begin. We hope that most callbacks will occur prior to the start of the spring term but recognize that there may be some exceptions. In those cases, interviews should not be scheduled at times that conflict with our students’ classes.  

In the coming weeks, please watch for additional information on updating your EIP registration and for opportunities on how to familiarize our students with your firm and to meet our students before EIP.

We know that this year has upended many of our old procedures and has forced us to adapt in ways we would not have imagined just a year ago. What has not changed, however, is our unwavering commitment to working with you and to sending our many talented students your way. Our team stands ready to help and answer your questions or concerns.

Please stay healthy and stay safe, and know that we’ll continue to navigate these challenges together.


Mark Weber
Assistant Dean for Career Services
Harvard Law School