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From: Office of Career Services
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2022
To: Employers
Subject: Harvard Law School – Preview deadline reminder and EIP information

Dear Employer,

We write to remind you of the upcoming deadline to alert students to Preview interview invitations and share some helpful information about our students and EIP.

Deadline – Friday, July 8

We request that if you intend to invite any of your Preview applicants for an interview, you let them know by Friday, July 8, if you have not already been in contact with them.

Additional Information

As Preview is unfolding, we wanted to share some information to help you plan for EIP:

  1. Our policies provide that, students may request an extension of their Preview offer for 14 days after the last day of EIP. Students receiving Preview offers who also plan to participate in EIP are following our encouragement to request these extensions early and not wait the full 21 days before letting a firm know their intention.
  2. Despite receiving an offer from Preview, we expect most students will still participate in EIP. As a result, students with offers from Preview will be interviewing with fewer firms during EIP, and students interviewing with you in August will be more focused and serious about your firm even though you may see fewer candidates.
  3. In light of your Preview outcomes, your firm may choose to adjust your interview schedules. You may request changes up until July 18 at noon ET. To make changes, please email Jesse and Stacey at
  4. Lastly, below are graphs of the distribution of geographic market interest for our students planning to bid at EIP (students may bid on more than one market) as well as where students bid for Preview:

EIP – Distribution of where students intend to bid:

A pie chart showing the markets and a percentage of the number interested. The markets and percent's are as follows: Texas 4%, International 5%, Other 5%, Chicago 6%, Northern California 7%, Boston 9%, Southern California 9%, Washington DC 24%, and New York 30%.

Preview – Distribution of bids:

A pie chart showing the markets where students bid and a percentage of the number of bids. The markets and percent's are as follows: New York 40%, Washington, DC 31%, Southern California 7%, Boston 6%, Northern California 5%, Chicago 5%, Texas 2%, Florida 1%, Denver 1%, and Other 2%. Other locations include: Atlanta, Charlotte, Seattle, London, Tokyo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and Raleigh.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Jesse Ohrenberger
Director of Recruitment & Operations
617-495-2922 |
Stacey Wilbur
Recruitment & Office Specialist
617-495-2959 |