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May 2022 New HLS Employees

We’d like to welcome the 11 employees who joined HLS this May!

Lisa Ananias

Executive Assistant
Department:  Faculty Support Services

Armelle Bernard

Program Administrator
Department:  CyberLaw Clinic
Joining HLS from:  Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences – Harvard FAS
Fun Fact:  I love games; I get super competitive; and I love Thai food!

Matteo Cargnelutti

Senior Web Application Developer
Department:  HLS Library
Joining HLS from:  Grafton Studios

Liza Daly

Technologist in Residence
Department:  HLS Librar

Nariman Delawar

Reprographics Assistant
Department:  HLS Copy Center

Shamsuddin Deljo

Service Desk Assistant
Department:  ITS

Maddie Faraut

Administrative Coordinator
Department:  Registrar’s Office
Joining HLS from:  Honeoye NY
Fun Fact:  I’m very into fitness. I enjoy rock climbing.

Mason Favro

Operations Associate, Inquest
Department:  Institute to End Mass Incarceration

Cameron Hallinan

Learning Experience Associate
Department:  LXT
Joining HLS from:  Boston Casting
Fun Fact:  I’m currently working on a television script about a fictional cult.

Lesliediana Jones

Associate Director of Public Services
Department:  HLS Library
Joining HLS from:  The George Washington University Law School
Fun Fact:  I have a collection of several thousand artistic paper shopping bags from all over the world.

Ahmad Idrees Rahmani

Service Desk Assistant
Department:  ITS

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