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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on May 13th. Changes included:


Color Overlay

The Dashboard Settings drop-down menu allows users to switch between two views: Recent Activity and Course Cards. When Course Cards is selected, users also have the option to remove the color overlay from any course cards that include an image. Like all Dashboard options, this feature allows users to view course cards in the Dashboard according to their personal preference. Dashboard features cannot be enabled for an entire institution.
The Course Cards view displays the color overlay option by default. When a user choose to remove the color overlay option, the transparent course color is removed from any course card that contains an image. However, the color of the course card displays as a circle behind the card’s More Options icon.

dashboard with color overlay removed


  • This option only applies to color over course images; it does not apply to the general color of a course card.
  • Adding an image to a course card is a course-level feature option. When available, course images can be added by an instructor in Course Settings.


Front Page Individual Setting

In an individual page, the page settings menu supports the Use as Front Page option. This update allows a front page to be set from any individual page.

page option menu

A page can still be set as the front page by opening the Pages Index Page and selecting the page’s settings menu.

select as front page

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar – Scheduler and Long Course Names: When a new appointment group is created in the Scheduler, courses with long names are truncated in the Courses drop-down menu. Explanation: When a new appointment group was created in the Scheduler, courses with long names were misaligned in the drop-down menu. This behavior only affected institutions that had enabled the new Scheduler feature option. Canvas code has been updated to truncate courses with long names.
  • Conversations – Muted Assignments and Submission Comments: In the Submission Comments filter, comments for muted assignments display immediately after the assignment has been unmuted. Explanation: When a muted assignment included submission comments, and the assignment was unmuted, all existing comments did not display in the Submission Comments filter until after a new comment was added to the submission. Canvas code has been updated to update and display all submission comments after the assignment has been unmuted.
  • Dashboard – Ungraded Surveys and To Do List: Students who have been assigned an ungraded survey can view the ungraded survey in the To Do list. Explanation: When an ungraded survey was assigned to an individual student, students not assigned to the ungraded survey were able to view a To Do item for the ungraded survey. Canvas code has been updated to not display ungraded survey notifications for students who have not been assigned the ungraded survey.
  • Notifications – All Submissions Notification: The All Submissions notification generates one notification for each student assignment submission. Explanation: When an instructor enabled the All Submissions notification and a student submitted an assignment, the instructor received duplicate notifications. Canvas code has been updated to only send one assignment submission notification.
  • Rich Content Editor – Content Image Links: The Rich Content Editor supports content links in images. Explanation: When a user embedded an image in the Rich Content Editor, clicked the Pages link in the content selector, and tried to insert a content link, the image did not retain the link. Canvas code has been updated to support content links in images.