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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on March 10th 2018. Changes included:


Courses Page Design Updates

(NOTE: This updated will occur sometime between the afternoon of Monday, March 12th and the morning of Wednesday, March 14th.)

The Announcements page includes an updated design to improve accessibility for all users. Most functionality has not been affected.

  • The Unread button has been changed to a menu, where users can filter between all announcements and unread announcements.
  • Announcements can be specified for a specific section or all sections. The number of sections is visible to all users who are able to view the announcement.

For instructors, the following changes apply:

  • The Announcements page no longer includes excess whitespace.
  • Delayed announcements are identified in the Announcements page and include the upcoming post date and time.

new annoucment view

Note: Currently announcements shown in the home page must be viewed individually and cannot be expanded directly in the page. This functionality will be updated in a future release.

Section-Specific Announcements

When creating an announcement, instructors can create section-specific announcements in their courses. When creating an announcement, instructors can select to send the announcement to all sections, one section, or multiple sections. Note: Sending to “All my sections” is equivalent to sending an announcement to the entire class.

New section option in Canvas Annoucments

Both the individual announcement and the Announcements page displays the section(s) that can view the announcement.

Users will view announcements for the sections where they are enrolled. Note that they can also view the specific sections where the announcement was posted.

able to see which sections annoucment was posted to

Bug Fixes

  • Collaborations – Google Docs Course User List: For Google Docs collaborations, the Collaborate With section displays all users within a course. Explanation: When a user created a Google Docs collaboration and tried to invite users, the Collaborate With section only displayed the first 50 users in the course instead of all users. Canvas code has been updated to display all users within a course so users can select up to 50 from the entire list.
  • SpeedGrader – DocViewer Annotations and Graded Discussion Attachments: DocViewer annotations are disabled for graded discussion attachments. Explanation: When an instructor viewed multiple graded discussion attachment in SpeedGrader, some attachments included Docviewer annotations options while other attachments did not. Canvas code has been updated to disable DocViewer annotations in graded discussion attachments.