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Do you sometimes wish you could hear how accomplished attorneys and legal professionals have imagined and shaped their careers? How did they cope with the practical and personal decisions as aspiring law professionals? How have others found jobs that speak to their ideals and vision when the next steps toward finding those positions were not obvious? Would you like to hear what they would recommend to up and coming legal minds in the current and unfolding legal climate? What might we consider together that could be inspiring for the journey ahead?

We will meet, as a relatively small group, for an intimate conversation with different legal professionals each week (see attached schedule). Lunch will be provided. Group size is limited to 20 on a first come/first serve basis – no preregistration required, but, group will be limited so come early.

WCC 4062

For more information contact Marla Allisan JD, LICSW
at 617 495-2042 or

Scheduled Speakers:
All meetings will be in WCC 4062. Updated schedule of speakers will be posted on Calendar at Law.
Wed. Jan 25: Professor Alan Stone
Wed. Feb 15: Professor Lucie White
Wed. Feb 22: Professor Mark Wu
Wed. March 1: Dean Marcia Sells
Wed. March 22: Judge Nancy Gertner
Wed. March 29: Professor Benjamin Sachs
Wed. April 5: Professor Andrew Crespo
Wed. April 12: TBA
Wed. April 19: David Hoffman Esq.