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Using a Laptop in the Library

The Library has WiFi wireless connectivity available in most areas, and roughly 500 network jacks and electrical outlets for use with laptop computers. Before connecting to either the wired or wireless network you need to register and configure your laptop so it will be recognized on the network. To print from your laptop, the installation of a print client, is also necessary. Below is an overview of the configuration steps necessary. For the most complete and up-to-date information, please refer to the ITS Community Website Printing Knowledge Base.

Printing From Your Laptop

Library patrons with Windows or Mac OS X laptops may print to two dedicated laptop printers in the Library. (Other dedicated laptop printers are located in the mail area of Harkness Commons, Austin basement and the Wasserstein computer lab.) Patrons use the same accounts and procedures for laptop printing as they would for desktop printing, including the same account username and password and billing procedures.