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Library Innovation Lab (LIL) Fellow seeks an RA on Design of Casebook for Legal Imagination

LIL Fellow Sankalp Bhatnagar leads a research project on creating a workbook of hands-on exercises for making law known as its own form of design within the world of legal education. Its audience is future lawyers or judges, as well as innovators, upstanders, and leaders today.

He is looking to hire an RA to work with him during the Winter and Spring terms through the Library Innovation Lab (LIL). In addition to an hourly RA rate, there may also be an opportunity to co-author a short conference paper in the field of legal design on work that is done together.

An ideal candidate is a JD or LLM student who understands established ways of seeing cases, suspects how they work has not been fully understood, yet remains capable of explaining why.

We will look for cases that produced lasting shifts in the way that we as a people understood and dealt with ourselves and others by recovering our sense of what is lawful, just, and right. Our work together will be to look through such cases, cataloging their arguments or decisions according to how each works using an interpretive framework that builds on design theory. Our goal will be to give these cases a new look by explaining how lawyers and judges involved in each successfully drew on a way of living that we had largely ignored, neglected, or forgotten. We will show how lawyers and judges relied on law as its own form of design when remaking our familiar behaviors, refocusing us around what matters, and clarifying what we were doing.

Interested applicants should email their CV and a short reflection (3-5 sentences) as to why their experiences, skills, and interests are suited for this kind of work.

Note: Guiding our work are three fundamental skills called reconfiguration, cross-appropriation, and articulation, each described by Charles Spinosa, Fernando Flores, and Hubert L. Dreyfus in their book, Disclosing New Worlds, and first formulated in their initial article of the same name.