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The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is looking for someone to analyze race-explicit regulations for financial services as a mechanism for advancing racial equity. Current banking regulations do not allow for the provision of credit to be dictated/allocated based on race. However, regulations such as the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) were designed to combat redlining (race-based denials of loans based on geography).  With the CRA being modernized, there is an opportunity to inform Federal Reserve policymakers on differences in banking regulations while keeping race at the center of the discussion.

The student would be working in the Community Development Department with Brian Clarke, Desiree Allen, and Carmen Panacopolous.  The student will also likely have the opportunity to meet with Prabal Chakrabarti (EVP of Regional & Community Outreach) and Anna Steiger (VP of R&CO).  Finally, the Fed would like to have the assignment end with a presentation to the department and other interested Federal Reserve staff (CRA bank examiners, etc.).

The internship is preferably for 3 credits (12 hours); a 2 credit placement may be possible.  The faculty supervisor will be Christine Desan.

APPLICATIONS (resume and cover letter) ARE DUE TO LIZ SOLAR BY 12 pm JANUARY 28TH.   Liz’s email is .

Students must start working the week of February 1st and will need to make up missed hours.   Students should keep in mind that the drop deadline for spring courses is 1/29.   In order to earn clinical credits, students must submit a pre-approved independent clinical application.

Independent clinical projects are open to 2L and 3L students.  International J.D. students are not eligible to apply.  Please note that the drop deadline for all spring 2021 clinics has now passed.