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Keep these Dates in Mind as You Plan Your Summer

OPIA has compiled a few key dates that may be useful as you plan your summer internships and other commitments. Participating in certain activities, like the Harvard Law Review (HLR), Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (HLAB), Board of Student Advisers (BSA), and Early Interview Program (EIP) will shorten the amount of time you have to work.

You can refer to the table below to get a sense of the length of your summer. Make sure you’re aware of both the time commitment required by your employer (or potential employer) and any responsibilities that could affect your summer availability. If there is a chance you will have to cut your internship short, be sure to discuss it with your employer during the offer stage or ASAP if you’ve already accepted an offer. If you are unsure about how to broach this conversation with your employer, [link_to id=47038 title=”Current Student Services”]make an appointment to speak with an OPIA adviser[/link_to].

How Many Weeks of Summer Do I Have?

 When will I return to HLS activities?

Number of weeks from the final day of exams for 1Ls (May 13, 2022) Number of weeks from the final day of Harvard Law Review (HLR) Competition (May 22, 2021*)

HLR editors virtual orientation: week of  Jul 26, 2021*

10 weeks 9 weeks
EIP begins: Aug 1, 2022
11 weeks 10 weeks
HLAB orientation: late Aug, 2021*
14 weeks 13 weeks
BSA orientation: starting Aug 28, 2022 14 weeks 13 weeks
Fall classes begin for upper-level students: Sep 6, 2022
16 weeks  15 weeks

*2021 dates for reference

Information Regarding the Virtual Public Interest Interview Program (V-PIIP)

Public interest employers will interview 2Ls and 3Ls for summer internships and post-graduate positions through the [link_to id=102023 title=”Virtual Public Interest Interview Program”]Virtual Public Interest Interview Program (V-PIIP)[/link_to] in September. Though most public interest employers will hire 2L students through direct applications rather than through job fairs or campus-focused recruiting, V-PIIP provides HLS students with an opportunity to apply for, and interview with, a variety of government, nonprofit, public defense, prosecution, and private public interest law firm employers. Our [link_to id=46758 title=”Employers Recruiting Through V-PIIP”]2021 V-PIIP participant list[/link_to] offers insight into the employers who have historically participated in the program.

As you make your summer plans, also keep in mind that, if you are participating in V-PIIP, you will be required to submit application materials in mid-August. These materials may include a resume, cover letter, and writing sample.