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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on June 24th. Changes included:

Canvas DocViewer

DocViewer automatically converts common documents types into web-viewable and interactive learning experiences. This feature replaces the current Box previewer and Crocodoc annotation tools in Canvas and provides improved performance.

For more information about Canvas DocViewer, please see the Canvas Release: Canvas DocViewer document.

doc viewer looks more like Canvas


Rich Content Editor

In the Content Selector Links tab, the Link to New Page link only displays to users who can edit pages. The Content Selector displays in any area of Canvas with the Rich Content Editor, such as course discussions. When a student views a discussion and creates a reply, the student cannot view the Link to New Page link unless the student can edit a course page. This change does not apply to groups, where students are always given access to edit pages.

Course Settings

The buttons in the sidebar have been changed for consistency with other sidebars and lists throughout Canvas. This change also improves accessibility in the Course Settings page.

Bug Fixes

Calendar – Daylight Savings Time: Events display dates according to the user’s time zone. Explanation: When a user set a time zone that does not observe Daylight Savings Time, calendar events display one hour ahead when the event extends into the next month. Canvas code has been updated to display dates according to the user’s time zone.

Modules  – Custom Roles and Published Module Color: Users with custom instructor-based roles view module icons in Student View the same way students can view them. Explanation: When a user with a custom instructor-based role accessed Modules using Student View, some published modules displayed in gray instead of green. Canvas code has been updated to correct user caching for custom instructor-based roles in Student View.

Modules – Module Drag and Drop: Module items are retained in the order they are reordered. Explanation: When module items were reordered by the drag and drop option, the first module item was placed in the zero position instead of the first position. Canvas code has been updated to retain the order of each module item.

Rich Content Editor: Safari 9.1 Content: Canvas content displays to users in Safari 9.1. Explanation: When users viewed Canvas in Safari 9.1, the majority of Canvas content displayed as a blank page. Canvas code has been updated to display Canvas content in Safari.