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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on January 27th (Delayed until February 3rd). Changes included:


Free Text Annotation Backgrounds and Text Size

Free Text annotations support both white and transparent backgrounds. Annotations default to a white background, which may obscure page content, but the transparency option can be selected in the menu next to the annotation color.

The Free Text menu bar also supports selecting a specific text size for the annotation. Text can also be adjusted in existing annotations.
In smaller browser windows, the Free Text menu bar displays a secondary toolbar with a scrollbar for easy access.

background and text size

DocViewer displays pagination links for multi-page documents. These links can be used to advance to additional pages. A specific page can be accessed by typing the page number directly in the page number field and clicking the Enter or Return key.

select page number

Rich Content Editor

Decorative Image Checkbox

When a user clicks the Embed Images icon and selects an image source, the Attributes section displays a decorative image checkbox, which indicates the image is for decorative purposes.

Decorative images do not require alternative text. If the Decorative Image checkbox is selected, the alternative text field is grayed out.

Decorative images and alt text can be applied when embedding any image type: URL, Canvas (previous uploads), and Flickr.

decorative text in RCE

Canvas Interface

Menu Design Updates

Some Canvas Settings menu icons have been replaced with an Options icon. These changes clarify user expectations when displayed in a page and helps align consistency throughout all Canvas areas and mobile apps.

  • If the icon displays a window with options that actively change the interface, the icon displays as a Settings icon.
  • If the icon displays a menu with links to additional functionality or other Canvas areas, the icon displays as an Options icon.

Items within each menu have not been affected.

menu design updates

Icons have been updated in the following Canvas areas:

  • Assignments
  • Course Details (Course Image upload; Navigation tab)
  • Dashboard View
  • Discussions
  • Modules
  • Pages
  • People
  • Quizzes