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Beginning in the fall, students who are interested in the Chayes International Public Service Fellowship program may explore a number of options in order to secure an approved placement. These pre-approved placement organizations are interested in hosting a Chayes Fellow whose interests and skills match the needs of the organization, and they have been screened to ensure that their work fits within the general parameters of the Chayes program. Students who are interested in working with organizations that are not on this roster are welcome to work with a new organization to register it as a Chayes Fellowship placement site. See our Seeking a Placement page for more information.

International Legal Studies staff members are available to discuss potential placement organizations and make recommendations to interested students. Chayes Fellowship alumni can also serve as a resource.

To present their qualifications, students should send a resume and cover letter directly to the organization, unless the organization requests otherwise.  Students are encouraged to apply to a number of organizations, and should note that it can take time to ensure that the placement meets the Chayes Fellowship’s requirements.

Please note that in some cases, pre-approved placement organizations will need to supply additional information about the specific project(s) the Chayes Fellow will undertake. All Chayes Fellows are responsible for confirming that placements and projects meet program requirements.

Applicants who are accepted by the Chayes Fellowship, and have obtained a placement through this list of pre-approved Chayes Fellowship placement organizations, are expected to undertake those placements as Chayes Fellows.

An initial list of pre-approved placement organizations for summer 2023 will be posted on November 1. Please check this list regularly, as new organizations will be added during the fall and winter months.