Congratulations to our employees hitting service milestones this month!

If you’d like to celebrate your colleagues, feel free to send them a congratulatory email or giving them praise on Teams.

5 Years

Tara Townsend, Dean of Students

Ralph Vieux, Office of Community Engagement, Equity and Belonging

Salma Waheedi, Program on Law and Society in the Muslim World

Christine Vaudo, Development

Theresa Knapp, HLS Library

Caitlin Lemaire, ITS

Travis DiJospeh, Academic Affairs

April Faith-Slaker, Access to Justice Lab

10 Years

Benjamin Steinberg, HLS Library

15 Years

Maureen Worth, FSS

Megan Markov, Registrar

20 Years

Christine Perkins, Communications

30 Years

Nathaniel Logus, ITS

45 Years

Elizabeth Blake, Tenant Advocacy Project

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