Welcome to HLS!

We’d like to welcome the 11 new employees who joined HLS in October!

Eleni Bakst

Clinical Instructor
Department: HIRC

Zachary Bosley

Reprographics Assistant
Department: Copy Center

Bennet Clark

Reprographics Assistant
Department: Copy Center

Ada Ezeokoli

Communications Manager
Department: CHLPI
Joining HLS from: Belfer Center, HKS
Fun Fact: I enjoy learning about media gadgets.

Sarah Feather

Executive Assistant
Department: FSS
Joining HLS from: Atlanta, GA
Fun Fact: My new favorite hobby is playing tennis.

Maja Hardikar

Staff Assistant
Department: Graduate Programs
Joining HLS from: Washington DC
Fun Fact: I love to learn new crafts. I especially like to knit and crochet!

Richard Leahy

Department: EELP
Joining HLS from: Walmart Inc.
Fun Fact: I am a Star Trek nerd.

Jean-Claude Mulembo

Finance Manager
Department: Program on Negotiation

Sarah Parker

Bar Advisor
Department: DOS
Joining HLS from: Themis Bar Review
Fun Fact: I enjoy doing logic puzzles.

Leanne Pierson

Digital Initiatives Coordinator
Department: HLS Library

Elizabeth Segovis

Staff Attorney
Department: Legal Services Center
Joining HLS from: Rhode Island Legal Services
Fun Fact: I have a basset hound and four grandchildren.

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