Welcome to HLS!

We’d like to welcome the 12 new employees who joined HLS in June

Susannah Baruch

Executive Director
Department: Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics
Joining HLS from: Washington DC
Fun Fact: I like to cook.

Anna Chuyeva

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS

Caitlin Culbertson

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS
Joining HLS from: Cell Press/Elsevier
Fun Fact: I’m making homemade marshmallow after work today to top a s’mores pie to bring to my book club.

Lindsey LeSchack

Digital Engagement Assistant
Department: Alumni Center
Joining HLS from: Clemson University
Fun Fact: I love to paint or do anything creative in my free time!

Yan Li

Mail Room Clerk
Department: Facilities

Cassandra Loizides

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS
Joining HLS from: Peabody
Fun Fact: I looooove animals!

Brenna McGrath

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS
Joining HLS from: UMass Boston
Fun Fact: I have a collaborative Spotify playlist for all three canticles of The Divine Comedy

James Rasaiah

Digital Communications Special
Department: Communications

Abigail Smith

Floating Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS

Noah Tashbook

Research Data Scientist
Department: PIL

Marie Turcotte Hills

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS

Déborah Valero-Montijano

Fellowships Coordinator/Staff Assistant
Department: OPIA

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