Welcome to HLS!

We’d like to welcome the 5 new employees who joined HLS this month!

Beryl Berridge

Assistant Director of CEEB
Department: CEEB
Joining HLS from: Harvard GSE
Fun Fact: I have a twin sister.

John Card

Staff Attorney
Department: Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation

Matthew Hunt

Faculty Assistant
Department: FSS
Joining HLS from: Born and raised in Boston but with stops in Belfast (N. Ireland) and Majuro (Republic of the Marshall Islands) along the way
Fun Fact: I am number six of eight children with a 27 year age range between the oldest and youngest.

Eli Kovacevich

Class Recordings Coordinator
Department: Dean of Students
Joining HLS from: Rochester, MA
Fun Fact: I record, write and produce my own music!

Rhea Ranno

Assistant Registrar of Enrollment Technology
Department: Registrar
Joining HLS from: Harvard DCE
Fun Fact: I’m a big Boston Bruins fan!

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