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Interest Areas

Bankruptcy and Commercial Law

  • Corporate Reorganization

    September 28, 2022

    Prerequisite: None Exam Type: No Exam

    Grades are determined by 10-page papers on approved topics.
    Corporate Reorganization takes up advanced topics in…

  • Consumer Protection Clinic

    September 26, 2022

    Enrollment in this clinic will fulfill the HLS JD pro bono requirement. Required Class Component: Consumer Protection Clinical Seminar (2 spring classroom credits). This clinic…

  • Financial and Legal Needs of Low and Moderate Income Households

    September 14, 2022

    Prerequisites: None Exam: No Exam The seminar will examine the opportunities and perils in consumer financial services available to low and moderate income households. We…

  • Commercial Law: Secured Transactions

    September 14, 2022

    Prerequisites: None Exam Type: Any-Day Take-Home This course examines the rules governing transactions in which collateral is used to secure debt arising from a sale…

  • Failed Corporations: A Post-Mortem

    September 14, 2022

    Prerequisites: Corporations is a required prerequisite and a course in bankruptcy or corporate reorganizations will be helpful, although not required. LLM students with experience in…

  • Bankruptcy

    September 14, 2022

    Pre/Corequisite: Students without prior basic exposure to business should normally take Corporations concurrently. Exam Type: In Class This is a comprehensive survey of the…

  • Consumer Protection Clinical Seminar

    September 14, 2022

    Required Clinic Component: Consumer Protection Clinic (3-5 spring clinical credits). This clinic and course are bundled; your enrollment in the clinic will automatically enroll you…