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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on February 18th. Changes included:


Deleted Reply Management
When instructors allow students to delete discussion replies, or when an instructor deletes a discussion reply for any user, the reply was previously shown to all users as being deleted. If there were multiple deleted replies in a discussion thread, the discussion could become difficult to navigate among the deleted replies.

In discussions, deleted replies no longer display as part of the discussion thread for all users. However, if instructors need to view notices of deleted individual replies, they can view them using the Show icon located in the discussion bar. The icon also displays to TAs and any other instructor-based roles. (Student and observer roles cannot view this icon.)

Being able to view deleted individual replies can show instructors and TAs how many times a student has deleted a reply or can help troubleshoot student concerns with discussion replies. As with current behavior, users cannot view the actual post that was deleted, and any deleted replies for graded discussions do not appear as needing to be graded in the Dashboard or in SpeedGrader.

deleted reply in Canvas

However, course discussions always retain the current discussion structure. If a reply is deleted as part of another reply in the discussion, the deleted reply cannot be hidden and still shows to all users as being deleted.

deleted reply in Canvas


Collaborations User List

In Google Docs collaborations created within a group, the Collaborations user list includes the name of all group members in addition to the name of any user with an instructor-based role in the course. This change allows instructors or TAs to be added to a group collaboration directly in Canvas. Previously instructor-based roles could only be added to collaborations by sharing the collaborations document manually.

Note: This change does not currently apply to collaborations using the Google Apps LTI or Office 365 LTI.

Bug Fixes:

  • Course Import – Assignment Availability: When assignments are copied into a new course, assignments default to being available to Everyone. Explanation: When an assignment was assigned to at least one student or section and was not assigned to Everyone, assignments copied into another course were not available to anyone in the course. Canvas code has been updated to default assignments in course copies as being available to Everyone.
  • Discussions – Discussion Search Results: When users search for a discussion in the search field, discussion replies show the original creation date followed by the date of any edits. Explanation: When a user searched for a discussion in the Discussions search field, results displayed inaccurate date displays for original and edited date times. If a reply was edited, the edited time and date displayed at the top of the page instead of the creation date. Canvas code has been updated in the search field to always display the original creation time for a discussion followed by the date of any edits.
  • External Apps – External Tool URLs: URLs for external tools are not case sensitive. Explanation: When a user configured an external tool with only a domain, and then added the external tool to a course with a launch URL that did not match the case of the host, Canvas generated an error message. Canvas code has been updated to make external tool URLs not case sensitive.