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The most recent updates to Canvas were rolled out on February 17th 2018. Changes included:


Individually Graded Group Assignment Comment Options

When an instructor creates a group assignment with individual grading, the group assignment includes specified options that clarify how to send submission comments. This change helps clarify comment distribution in group assignments with individual grading. Previously if a student didn’t select the option to send the comment to the entire group, instructors were not able to view the comments in SpeedGrader.

View group and individual response options

For student roles, this change applies to the assignment submission page and the submission details page sidebar. Students can choose whether they want to send a comment to the instructor only or to the whole group.

For instructor roles, this change applies to the submission details page sidebar, the Gradebook comment window, and the SpeedGrader sidebar. Instructors can choose whether they want to send a comment to the student only or to the whole group.


Course Home Page Student View Button

The Course Home Page includes a Student View button. This change allows instructors to access student view without having to open Course Settings.

Student view option on home page

Canvas Interface

New Scheduler Design Updates

In the Calendar, the Scheduler appointment group editing window includes minor design updates to the date and time fields.

Module Files Download Icon Update

In Modules, the download icon used for a file added as a module item has been replaced with the attachment icon. This change clarifies user expectations when displayed in a page and helps align consistency throughout all Canvas areas and mobile apps.

Module File icon changed to paper-clip

Bug Fixes:

  • Calendar – Week View Events: In Week view, calendar events longer than 30 minutes are fully displayed. Explanation: When a calendar event longer than 30 minutes was viewed in the Week view, the event’s title was cut off horizontally. Canvas code has been updated to display titles for events longer than 30 minutes.