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Faculty Interest Areas

Sexuality and the Law

  • Jessica Clarke

    September 25, 2022

    Jessica Clarke writes on antidiscrimination law, with a focus on sex, gender, and sexuality. Her work has appeared in law journals including the Columbia Law

  • I. Glenn Cohen

    September 25, 2022

    Prof. Cohen is one of the world’s leading experts on the intersection of bioethics (sometimes also called “medical ethics”) and the law, as well as…

  • Janet E. Halley

    September 25, 2022

    Janet Halley is an expert on feminist legal theory; sex, sexuality, gender and the law; family law; law and humanities; and critical legal studies. She…

  • Robert Greenwald

    September 25, 2022

    Robert Greenwald is a Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the faculty director of the Law School’s Center for Health Law and…

  • Nancy Gertner

    September 25, 2022

    Judge Nancy Gertner is a graduate of Barnard College and Yale Law School where she was an editor on The Yale Law Journal. She received…