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Faculty Interest Areas

Education Law

  • Crisanne Hazen

    January 29, 2023

    Crisanne Hazen is the Assistant Director of the Youth Advocacy & Policy Lab and a Lecturer on Law. Her background is in laws affecting children…

  • Leah A. Plunkett

    January 29, 2023

    Leah Plunkett is the inaugural Assistant Dean for Learning Experience & Technology and Meyer Research Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School,…

  • Daniel R. Coquillette

    January 29, 2023

    The author of On the Battlefield of Merit: Harvard Law School, the First Century (with Bruce Kimball), Portrait of a Patriot: The Quincy Papers (with…

  • Jon D. Hanson

    January 29, 2023

    Jon Hanson is the Alan A. Stone Professor of Law and the Director of the Systemic Justice Project. Hanson graduated from Yale…

  • Elizabeth Bartholet

    January 29, 2023

    Elizabeth Bartholet is Professor of Law, Emeritus. She served until June 30, 2021 as the Morris Wasserstein Public Interest Professor of Law and Faculty Director…

  • Jodi Guinn

    January 29, 2023

    Jodi Guinn is a Clinical Instructor in the Education Law Clinic and a Lecturer on Law. Prior to joining Harvard Law School, Jodi worked as…

  • Education Law

    July 10, 2022