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Rebecca Goldstein

Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

Fall 2022

Rebecca Goldstein
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Rebecca S. Goldstein is an Assistant Professor of Law and Assistant Professor of Political Science (by courtesy) at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research examines the politics of the criminal justice system. She uses quantitative methods to examine how politics shapes criminal justice, and how criminal justice shapes politics. Her recent work has focused on policing, incarceration, monetary sanctions, and local political economy.

Professor Goldstein’s recent articles include a large-scale randomized controlled trial of relief from legal financial obligations, an analysis of race and class inequalities in the provision of police services, and an experiment to test the likely effect of the proposed Census citizenship question on survey nonresponse rates.

Professor Goldstein received her Ph.D. from Harvard University’s Department of Government in 2019 and B.A. in Statistics from Harvard College in 2013. Her research has appeared or is forthcoming in the American Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Politics, the Yale Law Journal, the American Sociological Review, the Journal of Law and Economics, and Urban Affairs Review.