Amanda L. Kool

Lecturer on Law

Spring 2020

Transactional Law Clinic, 4103
6 Everett St



Amanda L. Kool is the Director of Legal Operations for the Commonwealth Commercialization Center (C3), a newly-formed, national-model partnership between Kentucky’s public colleges and universities to translate intellectual property and innovations into market-ready products and startups while providing businesses with access to collective public resources. Funded by the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, C3 is intended to encourage and support entrepreneurship within its partner institutions and beyond, better connecting our state’s entrepreneurial communities to our colleges, universities, and to one another into order to more efficiently and impactfully leverage entrepreneurship as a tool for economic development across the Commonwealth. Amanda is also the lead project consultant with the Kentucky Access to Justice Commission, working to identify existing resources in Kentucky's comprehensive civil justice system, uncover gaps in and barriers to those resources, and devise data-driven solutions to address those shortcomings in concrete and innovative ways. Amanda is a co-founder of the Alliance for Lawyers & Rural America (AfLARA) an organization that facilitates conversations, ideas, information, and resources at the intersection of law and rurality.

Prior to moving to Kentucky in 2017, Amanda was a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School and a Clinical Instructor in the Transactional Law Clinics of Harvard Law School. While there, Amanda directed the Community Enterprise Project, a clinical program of the Transactional Law Clinics that serves clients who live and work in the Boston neighborhoods surrounding the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School. In addition to engaging in direct client representation, Community Enterprise Project students partner with community organizations to develop and implement strategies to address persistent legal barriers to economic development. Amanda also served as a Supervising Attorney with the Harvard Recording Artists Project, a student practice organization in which teams of Harvard Law School students join with Berklee College of Music students to represent recording artists, producers, composers, and other music industry professionals in a broad range of entertainment law matters.

Amanda earned her JD from Northeastern University School of Law and a BA from the University of Kentucky.

Areas of Interest

Emily M. Broad Leib & Amanda Kool, Using Cross-Practice Collaboration to Meet the Evolving Needs of Local Food Entrepreneurs, 28 A.B.A. Nat. Resources & Env't Mag. (2013).
Health Care
Legal Profession
Discrimination & Civil Rights
Public Interest Law
Food & Drug Law
Legal Services
Type: Article
Consumers are increasingly interested in where and how the food they purchase is produced, as evidenced in part by rising demand for locally sourced products. While various entrepreneurs desire to capitalize upon this emergent demand, those entrepreneurs must overcome a range of legal obstacles in order to do so, including both general legal barriers and barriers specifically related to growing or selling food products. This article addresses how lawyers can utilize a model of cross-practice collaboration to comprehensively and effectively address the challenges faced by local food entrepreneurs, thus allowing these entrepreneurs to enter new markets and foster improved food system outcomes. This article draws upon experience gained through a cross-practice collaboration between two Harvard Law School clinics — the Food Law and Policy Clinic and the Community Enterprise Project of the Transactional Law Clinics — that aims to provide comprehensive assistance to food truck entrepreneurs in Boston.

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Transactional Law Clinic, 4103
6 Everett St