George Triantis

Sullivan & Cromwell Visiting Professor of Law

Fall 2020


Assistant: Anna Restuccia / 617-998-2625


Professor George Triantis is an expert in the fields of contracts, commercial law, business law, and bankruptcy. Prior to joining the Stanford Law School faculty in 2011, he was the Eli Goldston Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Among his contributions to legal scholarship, Professor Triantis pioneered the application of options theory to the study of contracts and commercial law, and authored pathbreaking articles developing principles of contract design. His recent work concerns the techniques and process of innovative transactions, with particular focus on the link between contract design and litigation. His publications in this area include "Strategic Vagueness in Contracts: The Case of Corporate Acquisitions" (Yale Law Journal, 2010) and "Completing Contracts in the Shadow of Verification Costs" (Journal of Legal Studies, 2008). He is also the coauthor of the book Foundations of Commercial Law (Foundation Press, 2009). Professor Triantis began his teaching career in 1989 as an assistant professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Faculty of Management and since then, has also been a member of the law faculties at Virginia, Chicago and Harvard. He is a former editor of The Journal of Law and Economics, a former director of the American Law and Economics Association, and a consultant on matters of contract interpretation and bankruptcy.

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Assistant: Anna Restuccia / 617-998-2625