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Exploring Public Interest Resources at HLS: Career Options in Criminal Law

Interested in learning more about criminal law internships and careers? The following OPIA resources can help you begin your exploration.

  • Start with the [link_to id=47034 title=”What Is Public Interest Law?”]”What Is Public Interest Law?”[/link_to] section of our website, which includes overviews of both [link_to id=46534 title=”Prosecution”]prosecution[/link_to] and [link_to id=46529 title=”Public Defenders”]public defense[/link_to] work.
  • Our Career & Application Guides offer background information, “a-day-in-the-life” narratives, and general career advice from practicing attorneys.  Check out [link_to id=101738 title=”Sizing Up the Prosecution”]Sizing Up the Prosecution[/link_to] (local prosecution), The Fast Track to a US Attorney’s Office (federal prosecution), Careers in Indigent Defense: A Guide to Public Defender Programs (state and federal public defense), and the National Juvenile Defender Center’s Juvenile Defense Career Resource Guide (juvenile defense).
  • Videos of past OPIA events feature panels with lawyers practicing criminal prosecution and defense and explain the [link_to id=136822 title=”Public Defender Interviewing Process”]public defender interviewing process[/link_to].
  • [link_to id=300853 title=”Amicus Student-Alumni Connect”]HLS Amicus[/link_to] connects student and alumni communities through one-to-one advising and group mentoring. You can also reach out to [link_to id=46990 title=”Current and Past Heyman Fellows”]Heyman Fellows[/link_to] working as prosecutors and defenders to learn more about their careers. The Heyman Fellowship program offers financial support and a community of peers to a cohort of HLS graduates working in federal government.
  • Make an individual [link_to id=47038 title=”Public Interest Services for Current Students”]advising appointment[/link_to] with [link_to id=46560 title=”Meet our Team”]OPIA advisers[/link_to] to discuss your specific skills and interests in criminal law.