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Interviews take on particular significance with public interest employers, who give tremendous weight to how deeply you are committed to their mission and how well you would fit in with their office. The following resources can help you prepare to put your best foot forward in public interest interviews.

  • Review our tips on preparing for public interest interviews, including interviews over Skype/Zoom or by phone, and interview presentation.
  • Make note of questions you should be prepared to answer and ask during an interview.
  • Some public interest employers may engage in behavioral interviewing, an interview technique based on the premise that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance. Review our list of common behavioral interview questions.
  • Don’t forget to do your homework! Finding out as much as possible about the employer you are interviewing with will help you appear enthusiastic about the employer’s work and craft a compelling narrative about why you want to contribute to that work as a summer intern.
  • Your personality and demeanor are just as important as your accomplishments. Be sure to convey energy and interest in your interview, and show employers that you are the kind of person with whom they would want to work.
  • Remember that thank you notes should always be written after an interview.
  • A mock interview can help you prepare you for the real thing. Make an appointment with an OPIA advisor to practice your interviewing skills. When signing up for the appointment, be sure to indicate the specific job you are interviewing for, so that we can tailor our questions accordingly.

Meet with an OPIA Advisor!

As you think about your summer goals, we encourage you to make an advising appointment to discuss your plans. One-on-one advising can be extremely helpful in giving direction to your job search. When signing up for an appointment, be sure to include some notes about your interests and thoughts for the summer job search, so that your advisor can best prepare for your appointment. Students who have already met with an advisor are welcome to schedule a follow-up appointment with any advisor if they wish.