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iClickers vs Poll Everywhere

“Everyone gets a chance to speak. Because of the charts that show the percentage of who picked a particular answer, the professor was able to get those who didn’t understand the problem back on track.” -HLS Student.

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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a Web-based platform that can be used with any internet-connected device. Go beyond multiple choice with options such as word cloud, Q&A, rank, survey, and open-ended. Poll Everywhere integrates fully with PowerPoint with some setup, and provides sophisticated but easy-to-use reporting to analyze results.

Poll Everywhere Reporting Types

reporting options: executive summary, survey results etc.

At this time, Poll Everywhere administrative accounts can only be created for Faculty/Staff.

Clickers and the Classroom Experience

 “I used clickers throughout my undergraduate career (as humanities major). I think they could work well as an opening question for 1L courses or for other problem-set based upper-level courses.” – HLS Student.

“I would love (to use clickers in other classes). Not all of us speak in class.” – HLS Student.

While there are other smartphone/internet based options for audience feedback and polling, clickers are a terrific option in settings where laptops and other devices are not allowed or would be a distraction.

Clickers are hand-held devices that work seamlessly with PowerPoint and are great for users looking for multiple choice responses and simple reporting. Note: due to the nature of PowerPoint “Presenter Mode” (where you can see your slides and your notes), iClicker does not function with Presenter Mode enabled, but does work in “Presentation Mode”. Please contact us with any questions.

Clickers can be used in more settings than just the classroom; students can use them for course-related meetings or events for example, and HLS Programs and Clinics can use them for student orientations or other events. Clickers can be used to add a component of audience feedback to any course-related event at HLS.