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Case studies and other experiential classroom materials can open doors for students to participate in class discussions, actively solve problems, and learn from each other. The Case Studies Program publishes and distributes experiential materials developed by HLS faculty for HLS courses, including:

  • Discussion-based case studies
  • Workshop-based case studies
  • Role plays
  • Video cases and supplements
  • Technical and background notes
  • Other experiential classroom materials

Materials appropriate for our website are those that expose students to real-world problems, have a strong discussion component, and encourage hands-on learning and problem solving through a variety of classroom exercises, role plays, simulations, and other means. The Case Studies website is not an appropriate platform to publish books, textbooks, case books, or journal articles. To create online case books, see H2O.

To successfully bring experiential learning to the classroom, the first challenge is to develop case studies that fit your course, fulfill the specific learning objectives for the class sessions, and effectively engage students in class discussions. Fortunately, our Case Studies staff provides end-to-end support for your case-related needs. We are available to:

  • Identify materials in our catalog suited for a course (find a case study now)
  • Search the Harvard Business School portal for educators and provide review copies to faculty interested in using HBS case studies in their classroom
  • Brainstorm and plan new materials and topics
  • Train and advise new case writers and research assistants
  • Obtain permissions from case study subjects, student authors, and other sources
  • Edit and format materials for website publication. For more information on the publication process, contact Mary O’Rourke at
  • Contact TLC for more information about any of our services: