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Alert COVID-19 Update

Harvard University and Harvard Law School shifted to remote teaching and learning, as of Monday, March 23. For more information and the latest updates, please visit the HLS coronavirus information page.



To create appointment groups click the “+” icon in top right corner of the screen.

Originally the “+” button was where Events and Assignment shells could be created. The Appointment Group creation has been added to this area as well.

The details for appointment group creation except for one important different, there is no longer a “Save” and “Save and Publish” option. The only option is to publish an appointment group.

Unlike the previous calendar, newly created slots will now appear in the calendar view as grayed out.

available slots appear grayed out to staff

When a student takes a slot it will appeared colored in, this helps distinguish between slots that are taken and slots that are full.


In order to edit an appointment group, click on any of the slots in the calendar and then click “Group Details”. If you click “Edit” you can edit the description and capacity for just that slot. You may also remove specific slots by clicking “Delete”.

Click on a slot for edit options


When you land on the “Group Details page” you will see the list of slots already created. You many not delete slots on this page, but you can delete them on the calendar paper (see above). Note that the delete, cancel and save button are at the top of the page.


Lower down on the page is the option to add additional slots. Note if you divide the newly created slots the division will only affect the new slots. You can also change the location, details and capacity options. This change would effect all of the slots.

At the bottom of the page will be a list of all appoints as well as who signed up for those appointments. All slots and students name will now appear all in one place. If a student signed up for a slot, their name would appear in place of the “Available” tag.

Below a faculty member can see that a student signed up for a 2:30 slot on May 4th.