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About SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius is a third-party application not supported by Harvard University or Harvard Law School. The tool can be used for creating Office Hours outside of a particular course or courses. Below are instructions on how to set up office hours in SignUpGenius.

Creating Sign Ups

General Details

The first thing you will be able to do is create a group and a title. The group is just a way to organize multiple sign ups. The example below creates a group called “Faculty Office Hours”, just in case you have a group of faculty members who will use office hours. The title of the sign up can simply be the name of the faculty member.

choose a group and title


SignUpGenius allows you to pick a theme for your sign up. This is purely for aesthetics and does not change any functionality.

choose a theme

If you are looking for the simplest option, there is one called “Black and White”.

select a theme

As always, press continue to move on to the next task.



Under the “Dates/Times” tag you will be asked to select the type of event. If the goal is to create office hours, which has a range of times on a given day, you will want to select “Time Slots”.

select type of event

Once you select “Time Slots” this screen will appear below:

select dates and times

Here is a breakdown of what these items mean:

  • Start Date & End Date: The first and last date, inclusive, for which the sign ups will be held on.
  • Location: The location, i.e. the faculty member’s office.
  • Including these weekdays: Given the dates above, you may select one or more days of the week for sign ups to occur on. In the example above Wednesday is selected, which means every Wednesday between November 1st and November 29th will have sign-ups occurring. Note that you can select multiple days.
  • Start Time & End Time: The start and end time of all slots for sign-up on a selected date.
  • Time Slot Increment: The length of each slot within the start and end time.

In the example above sign-ups will be created every Wednesday in November for 1:00pm-1:30pm, 1:30pm-2:00pm, 2:00pm-2:30pm, 2:30pm-3:00pm.


On the Slots page you may title the slots and determine their capacity. For example you could set different dates with different capacity and titles. If you are creating office hours, and every slot has a capacity of one, you only need to fill out the table as shown below. In the example below, every slot is called “Office Hours” with a capacity of 1.

set capacity

The last option on this page is the layout. For office hours it’s typical to display the date then display the slots for that date.

select a layout


On the settings page, you can decided what type of information students should provide when they sign up. Their name is required, everything else (including email address) is optional. If you do not want students to see the names of other students (which is typically for office hours), you can click the “Also hide the names from group members” checkbox.

Student contact info

At the bottom of the settings page are some Miscellaneous Preferences. The only options that may be worth considering are the first two (being notified about a student signing up, and sending a reminder to a student before the date).

misc preferences



The Preview page will show what the list will look like to admins and students. It’s a rather simple display.

SignUpGenius Preview


When publishing there is no reason to e-mail users in advance. You may click the “Take My Sign Up Live But Don’t Send Emails” button to publish the office hours without notifying anyone.

Publish without sending email


Editing Sign Ups

SignUpGenius gives you the option of deleting a slot or removing a student from a slot. You may also add someone to an empty slot.

Remove Someone from a Slot

On the left navigation click on “Sign Ups” and then click on the name of the Sign Up you wish to remove a user from.

Edit Signups


You will now be viewing the Sign Ups as an admin. Click the “Add / Edit / Delete People” button.

add or edit or delete

On this page you will see a list of all students who have signed up for the slots. You may select one or more slots to remove students from. Note that this does not delete the slot itself, it only removes the student and leaves the slot open for another student to sign up. Once you have select the slot(s) you may click “Delete Selected”.

Delete PeopleAdd Someone to Slot

You’ll notice the button on the above screen shot includes a “Sign Someone Up” button. You can add anyone to a slot yourself. First, enter their information as show below (this will vary depending on how much information you requested students provide).

sign someone up

Next, select a time you’d like them to sign-up for:

select a time

Lastly, it is recommended to send an email to user letting them you signed them up for a slot.

send emial to user

Delete a slot

You may need to delete a slot all together, if that time simply doesn’t work anymore for someone to take. To do this return to the “Sign-ups” list and click the pencil icon to edit a specific sign-up.

edit office hours

Once you’re on the “Edit Sign Up” screen, you’ll see the same seven tabs you moved through during creation. Click on tab 3, “Dates/Times”, to see a list of all slots in the Sign Up.

When you get to the screen you can select individual slots to be deleted, and then click “Delete Selected” to delete them.

selected slots to delete