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Doodle may be used for office hours at HLS. Setting up account is free and easy. Below is documentation for creating office hours using Doodle.


click create in the top right corner


The first step is to Enter the title of the occasion (ie. so-and-so’s office hours), as well as a location. The is an option to add a note or an instruction to students. After this is complete click “Continue” to move to the next step.

Enter name and meeting location

The next step is to select all dates on which office hours will be held. Clicking any individual date will highlight it, left and right arrows allow you to move to different months.

select all dates

Once all dates have been selected click “Add Times” to create time slots.

click add times

By default you can create time slots for each date that was selected. The total number of dates will be included in parentheses. Click on “Start” and “End” to create the first slot, once one is created an option will appear to add more. If different dates will have different times, you may click the “Need different times for each day?” link to do so.

add time options

Below is an example of half-hour slots between 1-3PM.

Time slots created

After all dates and times are created click “Settings” at the bottom of the page for additional options.

click settings for more options.

On the “Poll settings” page there are several options:

  • “Yes, no, if need be”: This option is typically for scheduling a meeting, and is not applicable to office hours.
  • Limit the number of votes per option: This is how to set a capacity limit on slots. Typical office hours have  a single slot of one. To set this click the checkbox to the right and then enter “1” in the votes per option area.
  • Limit participants to a single vote: This option will limit students to one slot per semester. Meaning they could only meet with the faculty once throughout the term.
  • Hidden Poll: This option would hide student names from other students, meaning only faculty and staff know which students signed up for which times.

Click on the “Back” buttons once all settings are set. These settings will be saved.

click settings at bottom of page

The last step is to set the name and e-mail address. The e-mail address will determine where sign-up notifications are sent to. Click Finish to create the office hour slots.

enter name and e-mail


One the office hours are created the url is displayed. The “Copy” button will automatically copy the url to your clipboard, and from there you may paste it on a Canvas site or in an e-mail.

click copy to add to clip board

The open slots will appear to the faculty/faculty assistant as a sorted list:

initial view

Here is how the slots look after some of them have been taken by students:

slots taken by students


After office hours have been created, they may be edited by clicking the “More” dropdown menu and then clicking “Edit”.

click more options to edit

The edit process will take you through all three steps, skip step 1 and move on to step 2. On step 2, the “What are the options?” you may add or delete times. To delete individual time slots, click the “Need different times for each day?” link.

click the need different times link

After clicking the link, you will now be able to delete individual time slots for specific days by clicking the x to the right of the slot. You may also add time slots to specific days by the clicking the “+ Add more times” link underneath the already created slots.

click an x to remove a single slot

Click continue to save.