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There are two facts about Canvas regarding Office Hours:

  • Neither a Faculty Member nor a Staff Member can add a student to a slot.
  • A student from outside the Faculty Member’s class(es) cannot sign up for a slot.

There is a workaround to this issue, and it involves using the Student View.

Student View

“Student View” is more than just a tool for viewing the course as a student. This functionality allows you to act as a test student in the course. While acting as the test student you can upload assignments, comment on discussions, and event sign-up for office hours.

While you are in student view, you will see two buttons at the bottom of the page:

Student View Buttons

The button on the right labeled “Leave Student View” leaves the student view and returns you to your standard user view. The button on the right labeled “Reset Student” will undo all actions you’ve done as the test student. This means removing any papers or leaving and office hour slots the test student took.

How it Works

Taking the slot

Here are the steps of how to take a slot as a test student.

  1. Go into the course for which office hours are setup and click “Settings”, then click “Student View”.
  2. You will now being seeing the student view from the homepage. From here access the calendar either by clicking “View Calendar” on the right or by clicking the calendar icon on the left:two ways to access calendar
  3. Once you’re in the Calendar as the test student, click “Find Appointment” on the right side:Find appointemnt button on right side
  4. In the pop-up window, select the course (it should be there by default) and then click “Submit”.
  5. After clicking “Submit” the office hour slots will appear, click on the slot you wish to take with the test a slot
  6. A Pop-up window will appear. Enter the name of the student who is taking the slot in the “Comment” section, then click “Submit”.add name of student in comment, then submit
  7. You may now leave student view by clicking “Leave Student View” in the bottom right. NOTE: If at any time you click “Reset Student”, you will be removing the test student for any slot they signed up for.

Viewing the slot

Once out of student view, you may click on the same slot to see the name of the student you added. Note the “Attendee” is called Test Student and the actual name of the student is in the “Comments” section.

check slot as teacher

Note that you will not see the name of the student in the Group Details view:

view of slots in group detaisl

Because this lists the name of the user who signed up, it will list “Test Student” instead of the actually user that was added in the comment section. You will need to view the window above to see the name of the student you added.