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Activity Description Default Setting Notes
Course Activities
Announcement A new announcement ASAP Edits to existing announcements do not trigger a notification. If the change is substantive, you should create a new announcement.
Announcement Created By You Will send a copy of your announcement to your email account Never If you allow students to reply to announcements (this setting is turned off in your course by default), this will generate a notification when students reply
Assignment submissions uploads (“All Submissions”) Student assignment submission/resubmission (Instructor & Admin only) Never
Assignment submission comment Assignment submission comments and notification of papers sent back to students via the re-upload button. Daily Students receive a notification with a link to the edited paper, as well as the full text of any comments made by faculty. Faculty will receive a notification of any comments made by students
Assignment submission (“Late Grading”) Student late assignment submission (Instructor & Admin only) Daily  Listed on the notification preferences screen as “Late Grading”
Course Content Change to Pages, Assignments, and Quizzes Never In order to generate a notification when you edit a Canvas, page, instructors must click the “Notify users that this content has changed” option at the bottom of each page and users have to change this setting to receive such notifications
Due Date When faculty make a change to an assignment due date Weekly
Files When faculty upload or rename files in the “Files” area. Students will be emailed a link to the file or the Files area (if multiple files are uploaded). (Students only) Never Instructors must “enable” the Files tab on the Course Navigation bar to trigger this notification. There is a ~one hour delay to this notification if set to ASAP
Grading When faculty enter or change a grade on an assignment or submission, when faculty unmute assignment grades, or change grade weights ASAP There is a one hour delay before emails are sent for this notification
Grading Policy Changes When faculty change assignment group weights Weekly
Invitation Invitations to web conferences, Google doc collaborations, groups, peer review and peer review reminders ASAP
Discussion New discussion topic Never
Discussion Post (reply) New discussion post (reply) in a discussion topic you’re subscribed to Daily
Conversations (Inbox Messaging) HLS does not encourage the use of Inbox Messaging. We suggest using Announcements and/or Course Emailer
Added to Conversation You are added to an Inbox Message ASAP
Conversation Message New Inbox message ASAP
Conversations created by me You created a conversation Never
Scheduling If you are using appointment groups for office hours sign ups, we suggest turning all of these settings to ASAP or daily
Student Appointment Groups Student appointment signup using Scheduler (Instructor & Admin only)  Never You must turn this notification on to receive any notifications about student sign ups.
Appointment Signups New appointment on your calendar ASAP
Student Appointment Cancellations Appointment cancellation ASAP
Appointment Availability Change to appointment time slots  (Instructor & Admin only) ASAP
Calendar New and changed events and appointments on your calendar (all courses) Never
Groups Group enrollment, accepted/rejected membership Daily
Conferences Conference recording is ready for viewing ASAP
Alerts Includes generated reports, content exports, new student group.  (Instructor & Admin only) Daily