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HLS opens its Canvas course pages for a period of four weeks during the start of each fall and spring semester (two weeks prior to first day of class, two week after).   The Law School will publish a list of Canvas course pages. This internal webpage is only available to the HLS community. However, the URLs listed if provided to others, can be accessed by any Harvard Key holder.

All course sites will be Harvard Key-viewable only during the viewing period.  When the viewing period concludes the Harvard Key-viewable sites will revert back to being viewable by course enrollees only. (If the “public visibility” setting has been enabled by a faculty member or faculty assistant for any course sites, those sites will continue to be “public visibility”).

During this four-week viewing window, all student information will remain hidden to those not officially enrolled in the course.  Enrollees only will see the “People” tab and communications to students, such as Announcements or Discussions.  The table below provides more information on which parts within the Canvas course sites will be visible to Harvard Key holders who are not enrolled students during the viewing period.  Note that “Yes” in this table means the tab will be viewable during the viewing period only if a faculty member or assistant has chosen to enable the tab at the course level as part of their use of the site. Note also that the course will not be viewable by enrolled students or the larger Harvard Key community if the course itself remains unpublished.

If you have questions about what will be viewable during this period, please contact TLC at

Visibility Details

Harvard Key holders who are not enrolled will see only the items marked “Yes” in the table below, and of those items marked “yes” will be able to see only those enabled (unhidden) by the faculty member or assistant. For example, the Files tab, pages, the Syllabus tab, and Modules will be visible ONLY if the faculty member or assistant has enabled these tabs on the course website. The course will not be accessible to enrollees or Harvard Key holders if it is unpublished.


Logged in with Harvard ID but not enrolled in the course
Home Page Yes
Syllabus – text Yes
Syllabus – assignments Currently Not Visible
Syllabus – events Yes
Syllabus – appointment groups No
Custom tab to a Canvas page Yes
Custom tab to an external URL Yes
People No
Announcements No
Lecture Videos The link is viewable, but not accessible for those not enrolled in class
Assignments Yes
Reserves List Yes
Discussions No
Files Yes
Pages Yes
Modules Yes