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Program Description

As a 2L student, you can apply to the JD/LL.M program through the International Legal Studies in Wasserstein, Suite 5005. Each year a maximum of six students will be accepted into this program. If you are admitted, you will spend your 3L year in Cambridge, England, working towards an LL.M. You will be eligible to receive the LL.M at the end of the year in England upon successfully completing all LL.M degree requirements. You will also receive a semester’s worth of credit toward your HLS J.D. for the time you are enrolled at Cambridge. This means that with one additional semester at Harvard after your Cambridge studies, you will finish your J.D. and have earned both a Harvard J.D. and a Cambridge LL.M.

Financial Aid Application Process

You will apply for financial aid in the same manner as in your previous years at HLS, except that you will not need to complete a FAFSA since you will not be eligible for federal loan funds while at Cambridge University. We will award you Harvard Law School (HLS) Loans equal to either the federal limit of $20,500 or the base loan amount, depending on your need as determined by our office’s policies and procedures. The first $20,500 of HLS loans will have a fixed interest rate of 6% which is comparable to the federal rate. If you choose, you will be reviewed for grant assistance based on the standard need analysis process. Your budget will be increased above the regular academic year budget by $3,500 to compensate for the extra expenses related to your program of study. This increase is eligible for grant assistance, if applicable.

Student Contribution and summer work requirement

You will be held to the same work requirement the summer before you enroll at Cambridge as in previous years. See the Student Contribution from Summer Income section of this web site for details on the summer work requirement. If you choose not to work after your year at Cambridge, we will impute a contribution for each week (or fraction of a week) not worked. The imputed amount is based on the average summer contribution from income for all rising 3Ls. For summer 2017, the imputed contribution for 3Ls is as follows:

  • Minimum Contribution for rising 3Ls: $1,600/week not worked

The student contribution for your 3L/LL.M year at Cambridge will be an assessment of income and assets just like every other year. If the full value of your assets has been imputed during your first three years, the student contribution for your final semester at the Law School will be assessed on income only, and you will not have a contribution from assets in your final semester.

Your Student Bill

The Law School will charge you regular HLS tuition. Additionally, you will be charged the regular Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) fee as well as the Harvard Student Health Insurance Program (HSHIP a.k.a. Blue Cross/Blue Shield) fee. You are not required to waive this insurance and may want to discuss your health insurance options with the Harvard University Insurance Office. If after talking to them you decide you’d like to waive either fee for your year abroad, you will need to complete their online forms. If you do not take action to waive one or both of these fees by the cancellation due date you will be required to pay the fees in full.

Please note that regulations allow the Harvard Student Health Insurance Plan (HSHIP) in your student budget only if you enroll in the plan. If you waive this coverage, the allowance will not be given and the total student budget will be reduced by the amount of the plan fee. You may request upon appeal to have the documented cost of an alternate health insurance plan for which you have paid be added to your budget.

Cash Advances and Refunds

If you are eligible for a cash advance or a refund, you will receive it after you have registered. All students in the Cambridge LL.M program are required to have direct deposit set up with the Student Receivables Office in order to receive their cash advance and refunds via the direct deposit system. If you have not yet set up direct deposit, please go to the Student Receivables site and set up your account information as soon as possible.

Other Considerations

LIPP: Loans taken out during your year at Cambridge will be eligible for LIPP assistance in the following way: half the year will be eligible for LIPP under the regular guidelines, and the other half will be eligible for LIPP under the joint degree guidelines.

  • Mandatory Meeting: You will need to attend a meeting with Student Financial Services prior to leaving HLS at the end of your second year.
  • Graduation Requirement: In November of your last semester at HLS, we will contact you regarding an Exit Interview. The Exit Interview is required for all graduating students. There will be one group exit session where you will receive details related to the repayment of your student loans.

For more program-specific details, contact Sara Zucker in the International Legal Studies Office.