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Fellow Name Organization Issue Area Fellowship Year
Ashtamker, Ariel (J.D. ’19) ACLU of Nevada Civil Rights 2019-2020
Bailey, Lindsay (J.D. ’19) Center for Justice and Accountability Civil Rights 2019-2020
Baldrige, Anastassia (J.D. ’18) Capital Habeas Unit of the Federal Community Defender Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Death Penalty 2019-2020
Blair, Sarah (J.D. ’19) Uptown People’s Law Center Civil Legal Aid 2019-2020
Borges Pereira Santos, Luna (LL.M. ’19) International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR) Women’s Rights 2019-2020
Casey, Tara Louise (LL.M. ’19) Centre for Criminal Appeal Criminal Justice 2019-2020
Evans, Hayley (J.D. ’19) Rights Watch (UK) Human Rights 2019-2020
Field, Megan (J.D. ’19) American Oversight Civil Rights 2019-2020
Gordon-Marvin, Emerson (J.D. ’19) Demos Human Rights 2019-2020
Grano, Kimberly (J.D. ’19) ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties Civil Rights 2019-2020
Griechen, Matthew (J.D. ’19) Reprieve and Reprieve US Death Penalty 2019-2020
Inglehart, Milo (J.D. ’19) Sylvia Rivera Law Project LGBTQ 2019-2020
Jenkins, Alexi (J.D. ’19) The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles Civil Legal Aid 2019-2020
Kapoor, Radhika (LL.M. ’19) Public International Law and Policy Group International 2019-2020
Mammen, Miranda (J.D. ’19) National Domestic Workers Alliance Labor Rights 2019-2020
Maurer, Amy (J.D. ’19) National Center for Law and Economic Justice Civil Rights 2019-2020
McCauley, Natalie (J.D. ’19) Public International Law & Policy Group International 2019-2020
McDuffie, Eliza (J.D. ’19) Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center Civil Rights 2019-2020
O´Neill, Madeleine (J.D. ’19) Southern Center for Human Rights Human Rights 2019-2020
Oh, Sara (J.D. ’19) World Relief DuPage/Aurora Immigration and Refugees 2019-2020
Quiroz, Elisa (J.D. ’19) TRIAL International Human Rights 2019-2020
Szemanski, Ali (J.D. ’19) ACLU of Pennsylvania Civil Rights 2019-2020
Trigo Reyes, Natalie (J.D. ’19) Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Center (Center Prodh) Human Rights 2019-2020
Vees, Megan (J.D. ’18) The Bail Project Criminal Justice 2019-2020
Xie, Jianing (J.D. ’19) Cabrini Green Legal Aid Civil Legal Aid 2019-2020
Al-Henaid, Hana (J.D. ’18) Inland Counties Legal Services Civil Legal Aid 2018-2019
Barron, Susanna (J.D. ’18) A Better Balance Labor Rights 2018-2019
Bentata Gryting, Carina (J.D. ’18) The Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) Civil Rights 2018-2019
Bookman, Sam (LL.M. ’18) Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice International 2018-2019
Braun, Katrina (J.D. ’18) ACLU of North Carolina Civil Rights 2018-2019
Crupi, Joseph (J.D. ’17) Institute for Integrated Transitions International 2018-2019
Ebert, Jacqueline (J.D. ’18) Legal Services of Greater Miami Civil Legal Aid 2018-2019
Frost, Richard (J.D. ’17) Education Law Center Education 2018-2019
Garcia Jimeno, Mariana (LL.M. ’18) Colombia Diversa International 2018-2019
Gluckstein, Lisa (J.D. ’18) World Resources Institute (Mexico City) International 2018-2019
Hanford, Aaron (J.D. ’18) Prairie State Legal Services Civil Legal Aid 2018-2019
Jung, Ha Ryong (Michael) (J.D. ’18) Legal Aid of Cambodia International 2018-2019
Kalkat, Nasheen (J.D. ’18) Reprieve UK Death Penalty 2018-2019
Lehne, Clarissa (J.D. ’18) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Immigration and Refugees 2018-2019
Manhardt, Annemarie (J.D. ’18) Prisoners’ Rights Office Criminal Justice 2018-2019
Ni Cheileachair, Clíodhna (LL.M. ’18) British Pregnancy Advisory Programme Women’s Rights 2018-2019
O’Neill, Nicholas (J.D. ’18) City of Boston Law Department Local Government 2018-2019
Oravec, Alyssa (J.D. ’18) Equality Now Women’s Rights 2018-2019
Ordoñez, Catherine (J.D. ’18) Towards Justice Labor Rights 2018-2019
Perloff, Michael (J.D. ’18) ACLU Washington D.C. Civil Rights 2018-2019
Reese, Samuel (J.D. ’18) Mississippi Center for Justice Criminal Justice 2018-2019
Robinson, Katherine (J.D. ’18) The Bail Project Criminal Justice 2018-2019
Zheng, Evelyn (J.D. ’17) Advocates for Community Alternatives International 2018-2019
Abraham, Sarah (J.D. ’17) International Justice Resource Center Human Rights 2017-2018
Avila, Juliana (LL.M. ’17) International Women’s Health Center Women’s Rights 2017-2018
Azarmi, Mana (J.D. ’17) Center for Democracy & Technology Data and Technology 2017-2018
Bachmutsky, Roi (J.D. ’17) Comission for International Justice & Accountability & ICC International 2017-2018
Campbell, Naomi (J.D. ’17) Centro de Los Derechos del Migrante Immigration and Refugees 2017-2018
Cruz, Julia Cortez (LL.M. ’17) Conectas Human Rights Human Rights 2017-2018
Dewey, Sara (J.D. ’17) Conservation Law Foundation Environment 2017-2018
Donaldson, Rebecca (J.D. ’16) Legal Action of Wisconsin Civil Legal Aid 2017-2018
Druks, Roni (J.D. ’17) Yesh Din Human Rights 2017-2018
Gault, Laura (J.D. ’17) Human Rights First Human Rights 2017-2018
Giumarelli, Ariel (J.D. ’17) International Federation for Human Rights Human Rights 2017-2018
Graziano, MacKennan (J.D. ’17) Southern Africa Litigation Centre International 2017-2018
Hu, Qiongyue (J.D. ’17) Learning Rights Law Center Education 2017-2018
John, Jina (J.D. ’17) New York State Office of Attorney General Attorney General 2017-2018
Johnson, Erika (J.D. ’17) Vermont Defender General Public Defense 2017-2018
Kika, Musa (LL.M. ’17) Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights / Justice for Children International 2017-2018
Lonn, Willliam (J.D. ’17) Still She Rises Women’s Rights 2017-2018
Mei, Lan (J.D. ’17) Forest Peoples Programme Indigenous Rights 2017-2018
Pilchik, Brian (J.D. ’17) Committee for Public Counsel Services – Innocence Program Civil Legal Aid 2017-2018
Popkin, Kelly (Jo J.D. ’17) Planned Parenthood Federation Women’s Rights 2017-2018
Ranucci, Jessica (J.D. ’16) New York Legal Assistance Group Civil Legal Aid 2017-2018
Ruiz Mancera, Silvia (J.D. ’17) Dejusticia International 2017-2018
Sandson, Katherine (J.D. ’17) HLS Food Law & Policy Clinic Food 2017-2018
Shah, Malhar (J.D. ’17) Public Counsel Public Defense 2017-2018
Silverman Roati, Korey (J.D. ’17) Insitute for Governance and Sustainable Development Environment 2017-2018
Smith, Leora (J.D. ’17) Human Rights Legal Support Centre Human Rights 2017-2018
Srinivasan, Divya (LL.M. ’17) Equality Now Women’s Rights 2017-2018
Taylor, Katherine (J.D. ’17) Kentucky Refugee Ministries Immigration and Refugees 2017-2018
Allan-Gessesse, Keaton (J.D. ’16) SERI of South Africa International 2016-2017
Ansik, Mihal (J.D. ’16) New Way of Life Criminal Justice 2016-2017
Cabrera Silva, Angel (LL.M. ’16) Centro de Estudios Legales International 2016-2017
Carpenter-Gold, Daniel (J.D. ’16) NY Lawyers for the Public Interest Civil Legal Aid 2016-2017
Chernick, Mira (J.D. ’16) Center for Justice & Accountability Civil Rights 2016-2017
Cortazar, Ryan (J.D. ’16) Chicago Lawyers’ Committee Civil Legal Aid 2016-2017
Joseph, Anna (J.D. ’16) Dejustica International 2016-2017
Jouravleva, Anna (J.D. ’15) Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Civil Legal Aid 2016-2017
Karefa-Johnson, Rena (J.D. ’16) Youth Represent Criminal Justice 2016-2017
Pardi, Fabiana (LL.M. ’16) International Service for Human Rights Human Rights 2016-2017
Reese, Liz (J.D. ’16) NAACP Legal Defense Fund Civil Rights 2016-2017
Rege, Renuka (J.D. ’16) Public Justice Center Civil Legal Aid 2016-2017
Reid, Brittany (J.D. ’16) Reprieve Death Penalty 2016-2017
Santa Ana, Alexandra (J.D. ’16) National Center for Youth Law Children 2016-2017
Shapiro, Zach (J.D. ’16) The Hastings Center for Bioethics & Public Policy Environment 2016-2017
Vrtelova, Jitka (LL.M. ’16) Legal Action Worldwide International 2016-2017
Wagman, Jillian (J.D. ’16) IMUMI International 2016-2017
Zuba, Christina (J.D. ’16) Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation Women’s Rights 2016-2017
Adkins, Sarah (J.D. ’15) Maxwell Street Legal Clinic Civil Legal Aid 2015-2016
Anafi, Lior (J.D. ’15) National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) LGBTQ 2015-2016
Baker-White, Emily (J.D. ’15) Capital Habeas Unit (CHU), Federal Community Defender Death Penalty 2015-2016
Bitran, Eva (J.D. ’14) European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) Human Rights 2015-2016
Boulton, Kathryn (J.D. ’15) Center for Health and Gender Equity Women’s Rights 2015-2016
Carbado, Asmara (J.D. ’15) Capital Habeas Unit (CHU), Federal Community Defender Death Penalty 2015-2016
Gendler, Ellyn (J.D. ’15) Bay Area Legal Aid Civil Legal Aid 2015-2016
Hall, Carter (J.D. ’15) Earthjustice Environment 2015-2016
Herman, Lauren (J.D. ’13) Make the Road New Jersey Immigration and Refugees 2015-2016
Hill, Julianne (J.D. ’15) Reprieve Death Penalty 2015-2016
Hugo, Scott (J.D. ’15, MPP ’15) Oakland’s Neighborhood Law Corps Civil Legal Aid 2015-2016
Lana, Lisa (J.D. ’14) Youth Advocacy Division Children 2015-2016
Luskin, Cass (J.D. ’15) 15th Judicial District of Louisiana Public Defense 2015-2016
Miner, Lynnette (J.D. ’14) Impact Fund Impact Litigation 2015-2016
Nehrling, Elizabeth (J.D. ’15) Ayuda Immigration and Refugees 2015-2016
Norman, Emily (J.D. ’15) Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migracion (Institute for Migrant Women) Immigration and Refugees 2015-2016
Perlow, Jacqueline (J.D. ’15, MPP ’15) The Education Law Center Education 2015-2016
Pippenger, Sasha (J.D. ’15) Centre for Humanitarian Dialouge Human Rights 2015-2016
Rahmani, Roxana (J.D. ’13) Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Immigration and Refugees 2015-2016
Rapoport, Andres (J.D. ’15) Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County (NLSLA) Civil Legal Aid 2015-2016
Reisberg, Jacob (J.D. ’15) Legislative Drafting Unit, New York City Council Local Government 2015-2016
Subrahmanyam, Divya (J.D. ’15) CAMBA Holistic Defense 2015-2016
Zeira, Yotam (LL.M. ’15) Roca Criminal Justice 2015-2016
Alexander, Faith (J.D. ’14) Lawyers Alliance for New York Civil Legal Aid 2014-2015
Basseas, Marina (J.D. ’14) ProBAR Children’s Project Children 2014-2015
Berger, Stephanie (J.D. ’14) Community Law Office, Jefferson County Public Defender, Alabama Public Defense 2014-2015
DeOrnellas, Brandy (J.D. ’14) Legal Assistance for Seniors Elderly 2014-2015
Dixie, Hannah (LL.M. ’14) Initiative for Social and Economic Rights Civil Rights 2014-2015
Edman, Joel (J.D. ’13) American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona Civil Rights 2014-2015
Floyd, Elizabeth (J.D. ’14) CASA of Maryland Immigration and Refugees 2014-2015
Frisina, Jessica (J.D. ’14) Michigan Children’s Law Center Children 2014-2015
Galey, Derek (J.D. ’14) Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles Civil Legal Aid 2014-2015
Guinn, Jodi (J.D. ’14) Massachusetts Advocates for Children Children 2014-2015
Henry, Sia (J.D. ’14) National Council on Crime and Delinquency Criminal Justice 2014-2015
Henson, Lindsay (J.D. ’14) Lawyers Against Abuse Civil Rights 2014-2015
Jordan, Maryum (J.D. ’14) Earth Rights International Environment 2014-2015
Kaley, Lindsey (J.D. ’14) New York Legal Assistance Group Civil Legal Aid 2014-2015
Kortz, Mason (J.D. ’14) ACLU of Massachusetts Civil Rights 2014-2015
Kroon, Lerae (J.D. ’14) Central West Justice Center Civil Legal Aid 2014-2015
Newberry, Kimberly (J.D. ’14) Capital Post Conviction Project of Louisiana Death Penalty 2014-2015
Nickell, Matthew (J.D. ’14) Greater Boston Legal Services Civil Legal Aid 2014-2015
Nomamiukor, Jonathan (J.D. ’13) Reprieve Death Penalty 2014-2015
Nosek, Grace (J.D. ’14) Environmental Law Centre – University of Victoria Environment 2014-2015
Palazzo, Nico (J.D. ’13) New Economy Project Economic Equality 2014-2015
Prochaska, Jenna (J.D. ’14) Sargent Shriver National Centre Civil Rights 2014-2015
Schwartz, Erin (J.D. ’14) Union Settlement Association Food Law 2014-2015
Song, Harin (J.D. ’14) International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia International 2014-2015
Summers, Nicole (J.D. ’13) Neighborhood Legal Aid Civil Legal Aid 2014-2015
Tonkin, Ryan (J.D. ’14) Together Against Poverty Society Civil Legal Aid 2014-2015
Wheaton, Sarah (J.D. ’14) St. Andrew’s Resettlement Legal Aid Project Immigration and Refugees 2014-2015
Balkus, Ona (J.D. ’13) Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic Food 2013-2014
Waldman (née Boehland), Nicolette (J.D. ’13) The Center for Civilians in Conflict Human Rights 2013-2014
Bonadies Torres, Genevieve (J.D. ’13) Centro Legal de la Raza Civil Legal Aid 2013-2014
Crocker, Andrew (J.D. ’13) The Electronic Frontier Foundation Data and Technology 2013-2014
Dales, Frances (J.D. ’13) The Julian Cho Society Indigenous Rights 2013-2014
Dashan, Shelmun LAF (formerly the Legal Assistance Foundation) Civil Legal Aid 2013-2014
Davidson, Stephanie (J.D. ’13) The Urban Justice Center’s Domestic Violence Project Domestic Violence 2013-2014
Friedman, Lisa (J.D. ’13) The East Bay Children’s Law Offices Children 2013-2014
Gelbort, Jason (J.D. ’13) The Public International Law & Policy Group International 2013-2014
King, Laura (J.D. ’13) The Western Environmental Law Center Environment 2013-2014
Langford, Lillian (J.D. ’12) The Soros Foundation Civil Rights 2013-2014
Lim, Delphia (J.D. ’13) The Accountability Counsel Human Rights 2013-2014
Maritz, Elian (J.D. ’13) The US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Immigration and Refugees 2013-2014
Meany, Elsa (J.D. ’13) Women’s Link Worldwide Women’s Rights 2013-2014
Montoya, Valentina (LL.M. ’13) The Center for Reproductive Rights Reproductive Rights 2013-2014
Moore-Estes, Summer (J.D. ’13) The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coaltion & Greater Boston Legal Services Immigration and Refugees 2013-2014
Seligman, David (J.D. ’10) The National Consumer Law Center Civil Legal Aid 2013-2014
Silver, Lena (J.D. ’13) The Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law Civil Rights 2013-2014
Valentin, Claire (J.D. ’11) The Children’s Law Center for Massachusetts Children 2013-2014
Blodgett, Ryan (J.D. ’12) ACLU of Florida Civil Rights 2012-2013
Brody, David (J.D. ’12) EPIC 2012-2013
Cochran, Samantha (J.D. ’12) Children’s Law Center of California Children 2012-2013
Cukor, Ez (J.D. ’12) New York Legal Assistance Group Civil Legal Aid 2012-2013
Davis, Alice (J.D. ’12) Catholic Migration Services, Immigrants Workers Rights Project Immigration and Refugees 2012-2013
Fagan, Haley (J.D. ’12) East Bay Children’s Law Offices Children 2012-2013
Hill, Sean (J.D. ’12) Youth Represent Criminal Justice 2012-2013
Kang, Leah (J.D. ’12) The Advancement Project Civil Rights 2012-2013
Leslie, Charlotte (J.D. ’12) Interights Human Rights 2012-2013
Martinez, Daniela (J.D. ’12) Natural Resource Defense Council Environment 2012-2013
Miller, Jonathan (J.D. ’11) Start Small Think Big, Inc. Small Business 2012-2013
Mitchell, Ryan (J.D. ’12) Human Rights Law Foundation Human Rights 2012-2013
Parekh, Ruchi (LL.M. ’12) Interights Human Rights 2012-2013
Presson, Eliza (J.D. ’12) Education Law Center-PA Education 2012-2013
Primeaux, Steven (J.D. ’12) Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Civil Legal Aid 2012-2013
Sena, Kendra (J.D. ’12) Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights/ Greater Boston Legal Services Civil Rights 2012-2013
Shameem, Naureen (J.D. ’12) Women Living Under Muslim Laws Women’s Rights 2012-2013
Shrivastava, Ishaani (LL.M. ’12) The AIRE Centre Human Rights 2012-2013
Smyth, Shannon (J.D. ’12) Environmental Defense Fund Environment 2012-2013
Barrella, Nigel (J.D. ’11) American Antitrust Institute Antitrust 2011-2012
Beasley, Helen (J.D. ’11) Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto Civil Legal Aid 2011-2012
Borroto, Gianna (J.D. ’11) National Immigrant Justice Center Immigration and Refugees 2011-2012
Cheuk, Alan (J.D. ’11) Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative Human Rights 2011-2012
Choi, Courtney (J.D. ’11) Mississippi Center for Justice Civil Rights 2011-2012
Coleman, Novella (J.D. ’11) ACLU of Northern California Civil Rights 2011-2012
Collins, Jennifer (J.D. ’11) Community Legal Services in Philadelphia Civil Legal Aid 2011-2012
Craven, Morgan (J.D. ’11) Texas RioGrande Legal Aid Civil Legal Aid 2011-2012
Dorenbosch, Stephanie (J.D. ’11) Friends of Farmworkers Labor Rights 2011-2012
Dunne, Peter (LL.M. ’11) International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) in New York City LGBTQ 2011-2012
Glaser-Anderson, Danica (J.D. ’10) Oceana Environment 2011-2012
Grizzle, Meghan (J.D. ’11) World Youth Alliance Human Rights 2011-2012
Hussain, Maureen (J.D. ’11) Catholic Migration Office Immigration and Refugees 2011-2012
Jacobs, David (J.D. ’11) The Electronic Privacy Information Center Data and Technology 2011-2012
Kammer, Anthony (J.D. ’11) DEMOS Civil Rights 2011-2012
Kautz, Paul (Ezra) (J.D. ’11) Make The Road New York Immigration and Refugees 2011-2012
Kennard, Stacey (J.D. ’11) The Bronx Defenders Holistic Defense 2011-2012
Lee, Thomas (J.D. ’11) Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus Civil Legal Aid 2011-2012
Lifland, David (J.D. ’11) Environmental Defense Fund Environment 2011-2012
Min, Sarah (J.D. ’11) Education Law Center Education 2011-2012
Montagnes, Mercedes (J.D. ’09) Promise of Justice Initiative (PJI) Criminal Justice 2011-2012
Moran, Laura (J.D. ’10) ACLU Southern California/ SF Public Defenders Civil Rights 2011-2012
Myers, Jordan (J.D. ’11) United States Senate Capitol Hill 2011-2012
Randazzo, Austin (J.D. ’11) FCC Federal Government 2011-2012
Sullivan, Kim (J.D. ’11) Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services Immigration and Refugees 2011-2012
Young, Stephanie (J.D. ’11) Prisoners’ Legal Services Criminal Justice 2011-2012
Abeyratne, Rehan (J.D. ’10) Jindal Global Law School Education 2010-2011
Altemose, Craig (J.D. ’10) Better Future Project Environment 2010-2011
Bredeson, Caroline (J.D. ’10) Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office Public Defense 2010-2011
Cohen, Leah (J.D. ’10) Environmental Protection Agency Environment 2010-2011
Crane, Samantha (J.D. ’09) The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law Mental Health 2010-2011
Downer, Sarah (J.D. ’10) Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Legal Services 2010-2011
Erwin, Shannon (J.D. ’10) Muslim Justice League Civil Rights 2010-2011
Fistenberg, Noga (J.D. ’10) ACLU of Northern California Civil Rights 2010-2011
Goldbarn, Ilan (J.D. ’10) New York City Law Department Local Government 2010-2011
Guthrie, Stephanie Finn (J.D. ’10) King’s County Prosecutor’s Office Prosecution 2010-2011
Horsburgh, Lawrence (J.D. ’10) WilmerHale Legal Services Center Civil Legal Aid 2010-2011
Kennedy, Conor (J.D. ’10) Electronic Privacy Information Center Data and Technology 2010-2011
Levin, Anne (J.D. ’10) Catholic Charities Religious 2010-2011
Lin, Titus (J.D. ’10) Low Income Taxpayer Clinic of Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Legal Services 2010-2011
MacLeod, Jenny (J.D. ’10) Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa International 2010-2011
Mendes de Almeida, Celina Beatriz (J.D. ’10) Human Rights Watch Human Rights 2010-2011
Myles-Primakoff, Anna (J.D. ’10) Children’s Law Center Children 2010-2011
Ramachandra, Komala (J.D. ’10) Accountability Counsel International 2010-2011
Sahlstrom, Al (J.D. ’10) Earthjustice Environment 2010-2011
Steinbrook, Hillary (J.D. ’10) Wellesley College Education 2010-2011
Svirsky, Pablo (J.D. ’10) Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of Boston Civil Rights 2010-2011
Taylor, Jonathan (J.D. ’10) Public Citizen Litigation Group Civil Rights 2010-2011
Webster, Leigh Ann (J.D. ’10) Southern Poverty Law Center Civil Legal Aid 2010-2011
Cardenas, Maria Alejandra (J.D. ’09) Center for Reproductive Rights Reproductive Rights 2009-2010
Jaffe, Rebecca (J.D. ’09) UNHCR (Protection Unit) Immigration and Refugees 2009-2010
Kalloch, Andrew (J.D. ’09) New York Civil Liberties Union Civil Rights 2009-2010
Kuehnhoff, April (J.D. ’09) Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services (Greater Boston Legal Services) Civil Legal Aid 2009-2010
Lawrence, Helen (J.D. ’09) Immigrant Legal Resource Center Civil Legal Aid 2009-2010
Magnuson, Benet (J.D. ’09) Texas Access to Justice Commission Civil Legal Aid 2009-2010
Thomas, Laura (J.D. ’09) Human Rights Watch Human Rights 2009-2010
Woodworth, Jeffrey (J.D. ’09) Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio Civil Legal Aid 2009-2010