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Self-Service Studio

Self-Service Studio

The Self-Service Studio space is primarily designed as a quiet space to record audio content using either personal devices or the microphones, audio mixer, and recording software available in the room. This studio is also equipped with a Logitech camera and monitor to support web conferencing and Zoom calls. Faculty and staff may reserve 90-minute time slots in the Self-Service Studio using EMS. 

LXT will train all first-time users of this space on the available equipment, and users may also request additional training and support as needed using the create course content” ticket option in Service Now.

Faculty and staff may reserve 90-minute time slots in the Self-Service Studio using EMS.

Broadcast Studio

Broadcast Studio

The Broadcast Studio space is equipped with a remotelycontrollable Readycam system, which allows users to appear live on virtually any broadcast network or streaming platform without leaving the HLS campus. The system includes a high-definition camera, teleprompter, studio lights, and virtual background options. In addition to live broadcasts, this studio can be used to create recorded media. 

LXT will staff this space when users are doing media hits. 

Faculty and staff can request use of the Broadcast Studio by submitting a “broadcast studio” ticket through Service Now. 

Multipurpose Studio

Multipurpose Studio

The Multipurpose Studio space is our largest and most flexible recording space. We have a variety of camera, lighting, and background options available for video and audio recording. Recordings in this studio can also be broadcast to classrooms on campus or livestreamed on Facebook or YouTube. This studio is also equipped with a Logitech camera and monitor to support web conferencing and Zoom calls. 

Projects in the Multipurpose Studio will be facilitated by the LXT Multimedia Producer who will work with you to develop a production plan and staff this space.

Faculty and staff can request use of the Multipurpose Studio by submitting create course content” ticket through Service Now. 



     What kinds of content can I record in these spaces?

    • Academic course content
    • Scholarly content
    • Media interviews
    • Interviews of invited guest speakers
    • Announcements of HLS developments to share with HLS community members (e.g., new heat lamps available outside of the Jarvis Field tent!)
    • Please note that content recorded in the Multimedia Studio should be related to the nature of the faculty or staff member’s work at HLS. All content, including recordings in the Self-Service Studio, must also adhere to all applicable HLS and Harvard University policies and standards, notably those around Copyright and use of the HLS or Harvard name.
    • If you have any questions about what types of content may be recorded and the applicability of HLS and Harvard policies or standards, please contact the LXT Multimedia Producer, Nicole Egidio

     How much does it cost?

As we welcome our faculty and staff colleagues to this brand new space, there is currently no charge for HLS faculty and staff to use the Multimedia Studio in the course of furthering their academic or other duties at HLS.

     Can students use the studio?

As the students may only use the Multimedia Studio for academic purposes under faculty direction, in the course of their classes or their employment as Teaching Fellows or Research Assistants. For all other purposes, students are encouraged to use the Cabot Library Media Studios.

     When can I record my media?

The Multimedia Studio is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance through EMS. Requests for usage outside of these standard business hours or with under 48 hours’ notice will be supported to the greatest extent possible to facilitate faculty participation in radio, television, or other broadcast opportunities that arise outside of standard business hours or on short notice. For these requests, please email LXT Multimedia Producer Nicole Egidio at

     Will there be pre and/or post-production available for my project?

Yes, post-production services are available and may include such services as story-boarding a project, adding intros/outros to a podcast or video, or doing post-production edits for audio and light quality. Services available for a particular project will range in scope depending on the nature and audience of the project. Priority for these services will be given to academic and scholarly course content, as well as non-academic content designed for high-impact consumption by a large audience. The LXT Multimedia Producer, Nicole Egidio and the Assistant Dean for LXT, Leah Plunkett, looks forward to consulting with you on the services available for your particular project.