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What is Clinical Office 365?
How do I access my Clinical Office 365 email?
How do I get a username/email address?
Can I use my HarvardKey account to log into my Clinical email?
Will I have access to my Clinical Office 365 email messages after I graduate or am no longer a visiting student?
Can I forward email from my Clinical Office 365 to another email address?
Other than email, what is new with Clinical Office 365?
What should I use for secure and large file transfer?
Can I use calendar sharing?
The password sent to me expired because I did not claim the account within 90 days, what should I do?
Can I change my password without contacting the ITS Service Desk?
What is the typical username/email format for Clinical Office 365?
As an HLS student, I received 3 welcome emails for 3 different accounts. Are they all necessary and can I combine them all?
Is there a bounce back message to senders once my Clinical Office 365 account expires?
How do I attach an Email/PDF document to the Case Management system Time Matters?

For more information, please see the Clinical Email System page