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Apply for a Job

Receive Email Confirmation of Receipt of Resume

You will immediately receive an email to confirm receipt of your candidacy. This email will reference the requisition number that you applied to. Make sure to keep track of not only the number but the actual job title so you can refer back to this requisition while preparing for your interview.

Phone Screen

You will receive a phone call from our Recruitment Staff. During this phone conversation we will be looking for information such as your employment history, and the reasons for your interest in the position you have applied to. From there, the Recruiter will confer with the Hiring Managers as to whom to invite in for live interviews.

First Interview

All HLS internal candidates will receive an interview with Human Resources. All other Harvard internal candidates will have an initial meeting with Human Resources if selected for an interview. During this initial interview, we will talk more in depth about your background and experience. It is ideal to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview to fill out your employment application so that we may begin your interview on time.

Second Interview

Should you progress to a second interview it will be a meeting with the hiring manager and/or the department where the job sits. In this interview you will be getting a more in depth look at the job, the department, their culture and personalities. Hiring managers will be looking for you to summarize your background and to ask more specific detailed questions related to the job responsibilities. It is helpful to bring a few copies of your resume.

Background Check and References

If selected as a finalist, you will receive a call from the Recruiter asking if we can check your references. In addition to three business references we will do a background check. The exact checks that are done will be listed on the original requisition you applied to.

Job Offer

Following successful completion of your references and passing final candidate selection, you will receive a call from the Recruiter with a job offer. If you accept the position we will talk about a start date and arrange a time for you to come in and fill out your new hire paperwork.