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Student Government Health and Wellness Committee

The Harvard Law School Student Government Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to addressing student concerns about health and wellness at the law school and serving as advocates for student health on campus. The Health and Wellness Committee also provides resources and programming to promote student health on campus. Current Health and Wellness Committee projects include: 

  • Increasing bystander intervention training on campus to prevent campus sexual assault 
  • Improving access to resources and accommodations for student parents 
  • Increasing intramural sports at the law school 
  • Promoting Self Care for all law students and particularly student activists and students from historically marginalized groups 
  • Increasing awareness about mental health resources at the law school
  • Raising awareness about a variety of student wellness issues on campus 
  • Planning Dog Days at Harvard Paw School 
  • Addressing any additional student concerns about health and wellness at the law school

Student Mental Health Association (SMHA)

The Harvard Law School Student Mental Health Association for (SMHA) serves to:

  • To provide an understanding, compassionate ear for anyone seeking support
  • To eliminate mental health stigma in all its forms on the law school campus and in the field of law
  • To raise awareness of mental health resources on campus
  • To promote cultural, anthropological, and sociopolitical study of mental health and illness in the global context
  • To participate in the international mental health rights movement

Supero Law Students Association

Supero is a student organization at Harvard Law School dedicated to supporting the academic, personal, and professional careers of students who:

  • Are from low-income backgrounds,
  • Are first-generation college graduates, or
  • Have a disability.