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Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space at HLS

The Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space is a quiet room where students can pray and meditate, located in the Student Organization Workroom on the second floor of Wasserstein Hall. The Dean of Students Office will manage the space and work with individual students and groups to make a schedule that accommodates all. The space is open 24/7 and is limited to student use.

Harvard University Meditation and Mindfulness Resources


The Center for Wellness provides information on meditation space and groups held throughout campus for Harvard affiliates.


The Harvard Divinity School provides information on retreats throughout the region and quiet spaces conducive to meditation on Harvard University Campus.

Student-run Mindfulness Resources

HLS Mindfulness Society

The HLS Mindfulness Society is a student-run group that provides resources and meditation groups for students. All are welcome, especially beginners. The Mindfulness Society uses Room 2067 (locker room) in the Student Orgs section of Wasserstein Hall. Cushions are available for use at any time, and the room is generally quiet and interruption free.

Why meditate? Meditation strengthens willpower, focus, memory, and resilience to stress. Justice Breyer spoke about how meditation helps him write the best opinions in the greatest number of cases: “[T]he practice of law is like attempting to drink water from a fire hose. And if you are under stress, meditation – or whatever you choose to call it – helps. [Meditation] makes me feel more peaceful, focused and better able to do my work.” Be pragmatic. Sit with us. Note: students of all religious and jurisprudential backgrounds are welcome.

Email for information about daily meditation sits or to join the HLS Mindfulness listserv.