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About Live Well @HLS

Live Well @HLS strives to foster success at Harvard Law School and in the legal profession generally. We take a holistic approach to success by addressing the eight key areas of wellbeing: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, social, and financial.

Workshops, groups, and events related to health, wellness, and academic skills are held for students during the academic year.

Report of the HLS Student Well-Being Working Group

Report of the HLS Student Well-Being Working Group

The Report

A Working Group consisting of students, faculty and staff was charged in 2018 with examining how best to build a supportive community culture, communicate resources, define and measure success, and ultimately become a leader in law student well-being. The group’s report includes comparative information regarding mental health challenges faced by law school students and the legal profession generally, a summary of HLS survey findings, a brief overview of actions taken in recent years, and four initial recommendations for improving student well-being.

Read the report here (secure PDF)