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As a student organization with Harvard Law School, Information Technology Services offers access to three services with which to help the student organization work as efficiently as possible:

1. HLS email account

Through the online form below, a student organization can request an email account created in the student organization’s name. This address will allow the student organization’s leadership the ability to receive and send emails on the student organization’s behalf. This account is subject to the same Information Technology account usage policies as other HLS accounts. See Harvard Law School’s Information Technology account usage policies by clicking here.

Understanding Your Username

In order to provide you with an e-mail address for life, the email address scheme will be as follows:

However, when you access HLS network resources (including your e-mail), you will use the following username scheme for your HLS Account:


These naming conventions are used in order to provide uniqueness, while maintaining a meaningful username, over the course of many years.

More information and the link to apply for an account:

  1. For information on how to access and use MyMail to check an HLS Email account, please click here.
  2. To reset the student organization password, please visit
  3. If you need to renew the student organization’s email account, please contact the dean of student’s office at
  4. To apply for a student organization email account, click here.

2. Create and manage a listserv

A listserv is a great way to keep the student organization’s members in touch with one another. The managed listserv enables a list administrator (designated by the student organization) to add and remove members from a managed email list.

To apply for a listserv email address for the student organization, please click here. The Dean of Students Office will review your request and forward it to the Student Helpdesk for creation.

3. Student Organization iSite

To create and maintain a student organization’s iSite, please contact the Teaching, Publication, and Curriculum department in the library through