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The University’s reimbursement system is used for any organization related expense that cannot be handled internally. Only expenses that fall within the University’s guidelines can be reimbursed. If you are not sure whether an expense is allowed, refer to the Disallowable Expenses page and/or email before making a purchase. Reimbursements should be submitted promptly as the process may take up to 6 weeks.

How to Submit a HCOM Non-Employee Reimbursement Form (>$50)

  1. Bring an original, itemized receipt to the DOS front desk in WCC 3039
    1. If it is your first time getting reimbursed, you will need to fill out a W-9 form.
    2. Never substitute a receipt of a similar amount for a lost receipt. Students who knowingly submit false or altered receipts may be subject to disciplinary action.
    3. Alcohol of any kind will not be reimbursed.
  2. Fill out the reimbursement form
    1. Email and Phone Number (write this in at the top of the form)
    2. Request Date
    3. Social Security Number (SSN) or Federal Tax ID
    4. Reimbursee Name
      1. The name should match your passport
      2. The person receiving the reimbursement must be the one who incurred the expense
    5. Affiliation: Check “Invited Guest,” “Harvard Student,” or “Other”
    6. HUID (if applicable)
    7. S. Citizen or Permanent Resident: Check “yes or “no”
    8. In the first chart, list the date(s) and a description of each expense
      1. Include the student org or journal name associated with the expense
    9. In the second chart, list the date(s), description, and monetary amount of each expense
      1. Calculate the total and write it in the “Total Reimbursement” box
    10. Funding Source (primary, gift, DOS Grant)
    11. Reimbursee signature (sign the form)
    12. Permanent Legal
      1. Write in your legal address (the address you put on tax forms)
    13. Check Mailing Address
      1. Write in the address where you want the check delivered
      2. Keep in mind that the process can take up to 6 weeks

How to Receive Petty Cash (<$50)

Before visiting DOS:

  • Make sure your purchase is eligible by consulting the Disallowable Expenses page online
  • Make sure your purchase is approved by your organization’s Treasurer
  • Make sure you know which fund (Primary, Gift, DOS Grant) your purchase should be taken from
  • Have your receipt ready
  • Fill out the Petty Cash Form

At the Dean of Students Office:

  • Grab a piece of candy and say hi
  • Submit your Petty Cash Form to the front desk
    • Petty Cash Form
    • Receipt
  • You will receive physical currency

Travel Related Reimbursements

Travel reimbursements (particularly airfare, lodging, and car rentals) require specific receipts. If no receipt is available, these reimbursements also require a signed missing receipt affidavit and a copy of a credit card statement showing the travel related charge.  Missing receipt affidavits are to be used only when a receipt cannot be obtained.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you cannot be reimbursed for travel until after the travel dates have passed.

Speaker Reimbursements

If the traveler pays for their own expenses, Harvard can reimburse them directly. All speakers should be aware that Harvard will not reimburse first class or business class travel. The speaker must submit an original receipt(s), a completed W-9 form, and a completed reimbursement form. The treasurer should complete as much of the form as possible and get any additional information, including a signature, while the speaker is on campus. The speaker can send original receipts to DOS after their trip is complete. For guests who are not U.S. citizens, a foreign individual vendor form may also be necessary.