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If your organization has a bill that needs to be paid directly, please submit the original invoice to and If you wish to have an invoice sent directly to the Dean of Students Office for payment, you should notify Samantha Parker at in advance. The bill should include the name of the student organization.

Service Providers

Do not pay service providers directly. Service providers include, but are not limited to, DJs, caterers, referees, coaches, workshop facilitators, and more. Ask the provider to submit an invoice to the organization and send the invoice to and To pay a disc jockey, referee, or other service provider, you will need their W-9, and the invoice must include the following information:

  • Their social security number (or federal tax ID number)
  • Their legal address and contact information
  • Their signature

*All vendors will need to sign a contract with the University. Please contact for more information. This should be done well in advance of the event.