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Recruiting new members is an important activity of any student organization. It is only through new members that the organization is sustained.

Outlined below are some guidelines for recruiting new members.

HLS Student Membership

The membership of an HLS student organization may include other students at Harvard University so long as there is a simple majority of HLS students. Members of parent organizations may not be counted as members of a student organization. Other individuals may be included in the activities and events of the organization at the invitation of its members, but are not considered official members of the organization.

Student Activities Fair

The Student Activities Fair, which takes place at the beginning of each school year, enables new and returning students to meet with and obtain information about the many HLS student organizations. The Fair is an ideal opportunity for student organizations to recruit new members.

Any official student organization that wishes to participate may do so. Requests for space must be made through the Dean of Students Office beginning in August. No organization will be allowed to participate without first registering with the Dean of Students Office.

Posters and Advertisements

Posters and advertisements are also effective recruitment tools. Please refer to our Bulletin & Chalkboard Policy for further information.